George/Elrond, the Elfiest Elf to ever Shadowrun

Today’s character from my past is one very near and dear to my heart: George.


Now I know what you’re thinking: that is a ridiculous looking shadowrunner. What the hell kind of campaign was that?

I’ll tell you: an awesome one that was just as cyberpunky as any Shadowrun game.

The thing about George (or rather, Elrond) is that he’s the worst kind of elf poser, believing himself to be an elf–a TRUE elf–in the tradition of Lord of the Rings. He predominantly used a “magic” sword and “magic” bow, he spoke a language he claimed was the true elven tongue, and he dressed like he as on a movie set in New Zealand.

WHY on EARTH would ANYONE DO THAT?! How did your group tolerate this?!

They looooooooooooooved iiiiit! As did I! You see George/Elrond did not realize he was an elf poser, he truly legitimately believed he was the real deal. George was a spoiled hypercorp executive’s kid that stole all his dad’s money and fell in with a bad crowd that eventually got tired of his shit. One particularly vindictive fellow among them–an elf-hater to be sure–had George kidnapped, filled up with cyberware, and then totally brainwashed into believing he was a “real elf”.

I strongly encourage you to give George a go the next time you sit down for a Shadowrun (or perhaps Hypercorps 2099 😉 ) campaign! He is definitely an NPC that your group will not forget and from a player perspective, terrifically fun to play.

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