No, no, it’s Olllllllld Man

Today’s character from the vaults is one of my all-time absolute favorites, so much so that I had a miniature made for him at!


Olllld Man is a Pathfinder RPG homage to a character in the (absolutely hilarious Zelda spoof) Legend of Neil and has been a trainer of legendary heroes for so long he’s forgotten most of what he learned about training legendary heroes–he is a doddering, stubborn, racist (specifically regarding dwarves, elves, gnomes, and halflings) old man concerned with little other than trying to remember what was glorious about his glory days or finding more good booze.


Some notes on playing as or using Olllld Man

  1. It is not “Old Man”, it is “Ollllld Man” and he will correct people that pronounce his name wrong.
  2. Olllld Man doesn’t really hate the other races, he just likes to complain about them at length. It’s also a good idea to make sure that the rest of the table is comfortable with someone roleplaying a bigot–if that’s not cool with everyone present, remove that aspect of his personality.
  3. The Spellsong feat implies that one is singing while they use it to surreptitiously cast bard spells, but that’s not required–only a use of bardic performance. Olllld Man can bust a move but most of the time the trick is to find any reasonable way for him to explain something, which he will then turn into a story from his past (make up heroes, many of them, doing absolutely ridiculous things like knocking an elephant over by mistake or throwing their weapon into the sky and it disappearing for a long time before an anticlimax, just make sure they always end with inadvertently saving the day or a pointless death) and then boom, he’s casting a spell.
  4. Like ROGUE DOOR, Olllld Man is a support character. His best use is at range providing bonuses to his allies, but in social roleplaying situations he should shine like a star and be a joy to play (interact with maybe not :p).

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