Street Fighter D&D 5E: What Do I Do With All These Street Fighters?


Come next week there’ll be a dozen of these high-level combat NPC builds in the Street Fighter D&D 5e series but how often will a surprise duel or dual ambush really work in the same campaign? Isn’t there something cooler we can do with this big wonderful cast of iconic characters?
Yes–yes there is–but first let’s consider how well they can be implemented into your game.

High Mobility

Most every one of these builds clocks in at a speed of 40 ft. or better, has the ability to Dash as a bonus action, and has great stats for jumping around. On top of that their ACs are fairly high and so long as you aren’t dealing with someone that has the Sentinel feat, they should be able to move into and out of cover or generally up and away from a mob of adventurers.


One of the best things about the Street Fighter D&D 5E builds are the fact that nobody is toting guns or anything really beyond the ken of a standard game (be that in Mists of Akuma or a more medieval world). If you’ve got monks in your setting you can probably swing these NPCs without breaking immersion.

Spellcaster Nightmares

As far as I can tell for most games, an upper-level PC is going to be sporting several decent magic items and a barbarian, fighter, or other melee-focused character may well be on equal footing with a Street Fighter–making for great duels! When they go after a party of adventurers however, it’s definitely going to skew the fight in a more difficult direction if they target spellcasters first.


Well What Now, Buddy?

Afro Samurai is very obviously one of my favorite anime series and one of the things that endears me to it is the simple plot: The Headband of The One. If for some awful reason you have not seen it yet watch the whole thing (both of them!) but in a nutshell, possessing this headband makes you invincible to anyone but the person wearing the Headband of the Two. I wouldn’t recommend exactly that here but a lot of the Street Fighter D&D 5E NPCs are sporting a pretty dope magic item–and accruing these magic items for a greater objective sounds like it is definitely worth pursuing.

What should that objective be? Fighting a boss of course! For now I recommend delving into some mythology and reskinning an existing badass high CR monster, but in the days to come (post 20 perhaps?) I’ll post a BBEG final boss battle attainable only after the PCs have acquired enough of these sacred video game relics!

What about builds without a signature magic item?
In these cases, impart some of that defeated or dying NPCs’ ki into an item cherished by a PC and grant them a neat (hopefully related) feature they can use between short or long rests (depending on its potency).

BUT WHO IS THIS BOSS?!? You tell me!
I know the character I’d pick but I want to hear what/who you glorious readers would like to see! Is it time to break out Goro? Should we cross the Guilty Gear threshold? Get crazy obscure? Comment on the post, hit me up on Facebook or Google+, or tweet at me with your vote!

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