Out of the Office

I’m not in the office for the next two weeks so Street Fighter D&D 5E and Hyper Score Marvel are on hold while I’m out of town.

In the meanwhile I encourage you to take a look at and speculate about my next big project (this one for D&D 5E):

BoED Book of Exalted Darkness main title logo



  1. I just found your blog while searching for Marvel characters in Pathfinder. I was awaiting your Venom build with anticipation! Well too bad, looks like I’ll have to wait a little longer.

    I like the builds you came up with so far, quite interesting and we’ll thought off. Please keep it up.


    • 😀
      Thanks Jean-Philippe! We’re still powering down from the trip but I’ll do my darndest to get some posts up this weekend (and we’re releasing some killer freebies next week when BoED launches 😀 )

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