New Druid Circle – Circle of the Sky

Druids everywhere, TAKE TO THE AIR!

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Hey I just wanted to let you know I’m contributing to Mike Myler’s Book of Exalted Darkness which you can back on Kickstarter right now!

At the beginning of the year I unveiled my plan to make Enora my first fully published world.

With that world comes new monsters, races, subclasses, and more. I’m now adding a druid circle to the flying world – the Circle of the Sky.

Note that what is below is considered playtest material. Please let me know what you think!

Publisher’s Choice Quality Stock Art © Rick Hershey / Fat Goblin Games

Circle of the Sky

The Circle of the Sky is made up of guardians and warriors who wield the power of lightning and thunder to destroy their enemies from above. These protectors watch from the trees, mountains, and sky, preferring to ambush their prey as a falcon does a mouse…

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