Veranthea Codex: 7 new books in PDF & Print! :D

PATHFINDERS REJOICE – Rogue Genius Games has flooded the marketplace with SEVEN new or updated books for Veranthea Codex!

books graphic


Take your adventurers to the bottom of the ocean floor with THE 5TH WORLD by moi, a riveting high level adventure module!

200590Venture into the psionic horror-filled tunnels of the FOREVER DARK by Michael Mcarthy, a tome of subterranean terrors and underworld monsters galore!

Learn everything you need to about the races, classes, and mechanics in Veranthea with the ADVENTURER’S HANDBOOK! Not only does this include all the player goodies from these other books, it’s got full racial entries for dengu, pengu, half-doppelgangers, shokusei notoko–available nowhere else. If you’re playing in Veranthea, it’s a must-have for your group!

207500200089Be awed by the LOST LEGENDS OF URETHIEL conjured by Luis Loza, a bunch of esoteric baddies and legendary characters from the wuxia continent!

Join the faithful and devoted with RADICAL PANTHEON 2.0, adding even MORE content into the masterpiece of unique deities of Veranthea!

Travel the tesseract seas on the poles of Veranthea, fighting alien gods, robot pirates, and waterborne terrors in INTO THE VEIL 2.0 by Nicholas J. Giebel, tweaked with improvements–and sea shanties!

Explore the main continents of Veranthea in the improved 1st-level adventure module, THE BLACK KNIGHT 2.0! Now with a bunch of maps AND pregenerated characters from every region of the world!


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