It has been a busy month and I can finally reveal what’s had me running about (#ULTIMATESECRETPROJECT) like I’m on fire–I’m the Crowdfunding Engineer and Media Coordinator for the Empyrea Kickstarter by Frank Mentzer!

This is one of the main reasons why Gen Con was so great for me this year. I got to hang out with Frank and get to know him (and hear all these old D&D industry stories which was just like whaaaaaaaat), and my voodo rituals/harvest sacrifices must have done the trick because he asked me to run the Kickstarter! Granted I’ve got 6 successful campaigns under my belt (out of 6–batting a thousand) but still, this is like Hercules knocking on your door and asking you to come help slay the hydra after you’ve survived a few minor skirmishes with, large house cats and maybe a sick bobcat.

I am clearly overwhelmed by the whole concept and honored that I get to be so involved.

WorldsOfEmpyrea MEDIUM.jpg

Check out the press releases and sign up for the newsletter over at!

I’ve got two big jobs here however and they are both very demanding on my time so for the next two months, I have to suspend Hyper Score Marvel. FRET NOT–I will come back to it in November I think.

The Warhammer 40k D&D 5E Hack is written up through post #10 already but may get bumped a week here or there depending on the demands of my (incredibly hectic) schedule.




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