Warhammer 40k D&D 5E – Infiltrator Space Marines and Rogue Traders (Hack #8)

Check out the first post for:

  • general rules, the Corruption ability score, new skills, a hit selection system, races, character backgrounds, the psyker feat.

See the second post for:

  • the (shared) Resources party attribute, the Lucky Bastard feat, new martial weapons, new ranged weapons, new extremis weapons, power armor

What’s in the third post?

  • Apothecary monk archetype, Chaplains, and the Imperial Guard Veteran archetype

What have you got in that there fourth post

  • Assault space marine barbarian archetype and the Imperial Commissar fighter archetype

Aaand the fifth post?

  • Psyker sorcerer archetype, Grey Knight warlock archetype, and Sisters of Battle monk archetype

What the post after that?

  • ASSASSINORUM CLADES! My favorite. ❤

The last post?

  • Inquisitors (warlock archetype) and Grey Knight space marines (paladin archetype)


  • Sneaky space marines (I am Alpharius) and Rogue Trader bards!

Infiltrator Space Marine (Ranger)

Space marines are a varied lot with a wide variety of roles–those that excel in stealth during their training periods as scouts lead new recruits, head sabotage missions, move into enemy territory to launch flanking ambushes, and move unseen across the battlefield. [Note: Of the various space marine archetypes, this and the assault space marine are ideal for use with orks.]

Infiltration Specialist
Unlike other ranger archetypes, you choose to become an infiltrator space marine at 2nd level. You do not gain spellcasting, instead gaining proficiency with one ranger skill or any tool kit of your choice. At 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th level you gain proficiency in an additional ranger skill or any tool kit of your choice.

At 3rd level, choose two of your skill proficiencies, or one of your skill proficiencies and your proficiency with thieves’ tools. Your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make that uses either of the chosen proficiencies. At 7th level, you can choose two more of your proficiencies (in skills or with thieves’ tools) to gain this benefit.

Know Thine Prey
Also at 3rd level, instead of Primeval Awareness your weapon attacks against a favored enemy deal an additional 1d4 damage. Whenever you reach 9th level in this class, the additional damage increases to 1d8. When you reach 15th level in this class, the additional damage increases to 2d6.

Implacable Resolve
Beginning at 7th level, you have advantage on saving throws to resist the charmed and frightened conditions.

Extra Attack (2)
Starting at 11th level, you may attack three times (instead of twice) when you take the attack action.

Experienced Astartes
At 15th level, you’ve honed your talents for killing the foes that the Imperium has set before you. When attacking a favored enemy, the additional damage you deal increases to 4d6.

Rogue Trader (Bard)

You are a trusted Imperial servant, given a ship, a crew, a contingent of marines and the right to go wherever you so desire. You generally survey uninhabited worlds near to the fringes of Imperial space and on the Eastern Fringes where the Astronomican does not reach, but your Trade of Writ gives you leave to barter with xenos and carry creations that would otherwise bring you into the targeting sights of The Inquisition.

Xenos Devices
Unlike other bard archetypes, you choose to be a rogue trader at 1st level. As a rogue trader you gain access to a wide variety of exotic xenos-designed technological devices that produce effects identical to spells without the touch of the Warp. When you cast spells, you do so by activating these small devices, making them a requirement for the casting of all spells as though they were arcane or divine focuses. For each spell you know you come into possession of a new device that you manage to activate as often as your bard level’s spell slots allow. Your spells are immune to antimagic field, counterspell, and dispel magic.
These devices weigh 2 pounds for cantrips or half a pound per spell level. The AC of these items is equal to your AC while they are on your person and they have a number of hit points equal to twice your bard level. While not in your possession, one of your devices has an AC equal to 10 + spell level. Other creatures are unable to understand how your xenos devices function and only you are able to use them to cast spells. Unlike a regular bard, you may not replace any of your spells known when you gain a new bard level. Should one of your xenos devices be destroyed, it costs you 500 gp per spell level to find a suitable replacement (which must be of the same spell known).

Cosmic Diplomat
Beginning at 3rd level, your travels to the far reaches of space have taught you the nuances of all manner of communication–verbal, nonverbal, olfactory, and otherwise. You may spend a bardic inspiration die as a bonus action to gain advantage to your next Charisma (Deception), Charisma (Persuasion), or Wisdom (Insight) check.

Xenos Weaponeer
Also at 3rd level, you gain proficiency in two xenos weapons of your choice. At 6th and 14th level, you gain proficiency in two more xenos weapons of your choice.

Extra Attack
Starting at 6th level, you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn.

Displacer Field
At 14th level, you get the perfect accoutrement–a device that emits a forcefield around your person, increasing your AC to 12 + your proficiency bonus + your Dexterity modifier while not wearing armor. When a creature hits you, you may spend your reaction to activate your displacer field and cast misty step (without the need for components or expending a spell slot), negating the attack or spell and any damage it would have caused you. After you have used this feature a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus the device ceases to function and you cannot use it again until after you have finished a long rest.



  2. Are there going to be Intercessors classes? What should I be for a regular space marine Intercessors or helllblaster?

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