No Blog for a Bit :O

I mentioned it in Hyper Score Marvel the other day but the colorization of the Mists of Akuma books (somewhere roundabouts 750 pages worth) took almost a week of very long days I wasn’t planning on spending that way, and then on a lighter (but also busier) note I’ve been hired as the new editor for the EN5ider Patreon!

With the Imperial Matchmaker Kickstarter launching on (Monday) March 19th, Book of Exalted Darkness getting its first book’s release, and another gig besides (a little Salt in Wounds 😉 ), I’m just simply too busy to reliably post on Saturdays (for HSM) or Sundays (for Ancient Greece D&D 5E). I will endeavor to get something up, but no promises on the content being regular for a wee bit as I readjust and get a handle on the new job.

What would be great is if you, reader and gamer, go to and like the Mists of Akuma Facebook page, and when the event for the Kickstarter launch goes up signify your attendance!

FB laughin demon profile pic.jpg

Thank you for stopping by the blog, sorry I’ve got nothing for you this weekend, and stay tuned because I do have awesome free stuff on the way.

imtease snip


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