Book of Exalted Darkness: Necrobotanist

It’s been a while since I popped in for a bit of BED and with all the stressful projects (and prospects!) hanging over my head I could use a bit of space to stretch. Although today I’m showing off the Shadow of the Demon Lord version of this character option, rest assured the D&D 5E book has a druid circle for planty-undead.

(Speaking of the Shadow of the Demon Lord version of BED…)

BED SotDL Necrobotanist

There’s a meme about druid necromancers and the first time I saw it a note was immediately added to this project’s working document. The entire tome is all about stark contrast and puts most of its weight onto the blasphemous side of things–the heresy of a devotee to nature using undead perfectly fits right in there and gives a dash of non-holy flavor to things.

This dope illustration (stock art by Dean Spencer) being available didn’t hurt either! Kudos to the tumblr or Twitter user that first shared the idea as well (you are awesome) because the concept wonderfully grips the imagination. When putting together the book’s fiction it was a great vehicle (literally in that chapter’s short story) and of the many, many options in BED it still stands out as one of my favorites.

Folks interested in the 5E version can check it out here or grab free PDFs from the Campaign Settings button above. For the minions of the Demon Lord: HAIL! We need to get it out to Kickstarter backers before it hits the market but you can expect to see it soon. 😀


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