A Woman Unlike Any Other

โค Still my muse! โค

RPG Characters & Campaign Settings | Veranthea Codex: Grethadnis coming to Kickstarter soon!

Thereโ€™s not a lot about my life that Iโ€™ve been sure about.

I wasnโ€™t sure about college, Iโ€™m never sure of one of my projects until itโ€™s proven successful (like the fast-funding and ongoingย Veranthea Codex Collection Kickstarter!), and generally I wander around pretty fickle until I see something that I know is right (deciding what to make for meals is often a thorough debate).

Stephanie is not one of those things.

Eight years ago after a long shift of hard laborย (I was a foreman at a landscaping company back then) I went to the Rock Room, a bar in Polish Hill in Pittsburgh. My friend Diana was working there as a bartender and so I settled in for some drinking,ย and before long another friend of hers arrived. She was a small little thing (easily a head and a half shorter than me, juuuust a wee bit tallerโ€ฆ

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