I am on Patreon!

After years of apprehension about making my own creator account and with new creator plans about to implemented by Patreon, I’ve done gone and pulled the trigger.

If you like my work, want a window into the whole one-man-design-house process, could use some hands-on guidance getting yourself established as an RPG designer, or just feel like tossing me some rent money take a look! https://www.patreon.com/mikemyler

myler patreon.JPG

The first post covers a warrior-painter class option going into Imperial Matchmaker as well as a build for an NPC using that fighter archetype (Gatgat).

Also: tell me what else you’d like to see from me on Patreon. Dope Mists of Akuma apparel? Treatise on aspects of game design? Post a comment here or on there and I’ll probably be up for it. 😀

Update: Put up a quick free post after running into some excellent inspiration this morning!

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