A Touch More Class funds in 4 minutes! ♥

You can get either or both books from this Kickstarter, plus a unique set of cards for use with the cardcaster class in the original book.

A few hours ago the A TOUCH MORE CLASS Kickstarter launched and funded right off the bat! As of this writing (roundabouts 5 PM EST) it is PAST $10,000 which blows my freaking mind! Wow! DAY ONE WHAT IS GOING ON AAAAAAAH

The various pledge rewards include:

  • Revised version of A Touch of Class (7 classes)
    • I went through all the feedback, critique, reviews, and so on that I could find, boiled them down to 10 pages of notes, and (by all accounts thus far via the 2,500+ backers of the original project) did a good job of fixing the broken parts. ^_^
  • A Touch More Class (9 classes)
    • These are (almost) all from articles I commissioned as the editor of EN5ider and I am THRILLED that people are ready to throw down for them! 😀
  • Cardcaster Tarot Deck
    • If you dig the cardcaster class by Josh Gentry (which you should, even in its original iteration it was brilliant and now it’s definitely on equal footing with anything out of the core) this is for you. One side tarot, one side spell list!
  • Masterclass Codex (16 classes)
    • This is the one I’m pledging for. Hardcover, all 16 classes (4 by yours truly!)
  • ZEITGEIST and War of the Burning Sky Starter Sets
    • Adventures! Player and GM guides!
  • Archetype PDFs
    • ALL pledges of £15 and up ($20) get free PDFs with class archetypes in them! These unlock as stretch goals but I’m 100% confident we’ll blast through all of the listed ones this week–if not today.

Before you browse my website and inevitably find some cool things to throw at your players, GO AND PLEDGE TO THIS AMAZING KICKSTARTER! 😀

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