Delve 233 – Vast Kaviya

We talked primordial sword and sorcery in D&D 5e –> VAST KAVIYA! Join the mailing list ( to get notified when the project launches and have early access to the free 40 page primer PDF!


Mike Myler returns to the show with a new project coming to crowdfunding in October. Vast Kaviya takes D&D5E to a primordial sword & sorcery world with influences from Tarzan, Conan, Xena, Beowulf and Kull the Conqueror. Can you survive the fierce warlords who want to destroy your civilization?

Mike tells us about a procedurally generated landscape, a parasitic race you can play and the joys of watching Fire and Ice.

You can also check out more about Vast Kaviya and Mike Mylerโ€™s supplemental material. And if you want to check out Game On Tabletop, click here.

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