Halloweeeeeeen 2019eeeeeeeeeen

Continuing on from last year, this is a collection 25 spooky-oriented Halloween-esque things I’ve blogged up over at EN World since the previous Halloween post! Enjoy!

Screenshot 2019-08-13 at 00.07.29.png

cu sith BANNER 5e.jpg


———————–2018 below————————


If you like these and want more D&D 5E action on the cheap, the EN5ider Patreon is dope and I’m the editor over there. 6 articles a month, as little as $1 a month, and you get access to 300 PDFs in the archive as soon as you become a patron.

It is hands down the best D&D 5E value around.

Thanks for checking out my website and have a spooky Halloween! ^____^

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