Motonimodosu: An Everyfish for Everybody

This is a detective character that appears in the third adventure of Mists of Akuma‘s second wave of modules—Kōmoro Toko’s Menagerie—a tale that takes place in Rimono Prefecture and heavily involves our avenging, bat-themed samurai. History buffs among you might recognize the incredible ukiyo-e artwork being used for Motonimodosu here, but for those who don’t know it that’s a depiction of Benkei (who himself is the inspiration for this NPC). I figure that everybody’s game can use a fishman that’s excellent at doing everything so I did a bit of layout for him ahead of time to share with the world. Enjoy!

If you dig this character and the awesome world of Mists of Akuma, check out the latest module (Honorable Wills) and keep an eye out here—Seven Grains of Rice will be published in a few days and the massive Imperial Matchmaker mega adventure is right behind it!

Motonimodosu one page.jpg

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