RPG Writer Workshop – Publishing Your Campaign Setting: A Primer

“I’ve got notebooks of lore for my homebrew world and sometimes new players feel overwhelmed.”
“It’s a dream of mine to publish my own campaign setting but where do I start?”
“This publisher I really like is taking project pitches and I think my campaign setting might be a good fit⁠—how do I impress them?”

Take my new course at the RPG Writer Workshop!

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Unlike the standard RPG Writer Workshop course mine can be taken at any time and is not on a set schedule. When you start the course, you get access to each lesson 3 days after completing the last one, and all the way through I’m available to help move your project along.

L01 - A - North Stars in action banner


In 6-8 weeks you’ll create a 20-30 page PDF for your homebrew world for publication under the Open Gaming License using the 5E Systems Reference Document!

L01 - C - Scope


I’ve published 6 campaign settings (check them out here) and have learned a lot from the process. If you’re unsure of how to proceed with your world book and wondering what sorts of problems are going to come up or what needs to be done to deal with them, draw on my well of experience. 😀

L03 - B - Designing for a Campaign Setting


Do it! I’m rooting for you either way. RPG Writer Workshop provides a structured environment however, and with someone experienced helping along you’ll find the road ahead far easier to tread⁠—and you’ll get where you’re going faster.

L04 - B - Making Your Pitch


There will be marketing opportunities with primers made through the RPG Writer Workshop (under a gazetteer of sorts) to help spread word about your campaign setting, and down the road there are plans for a larger or more courses focusing on how to expand your primer into a full-fledged campaign setting book. That’s a more complicated endeavor however, and for now I want to get folks started on the road before taking up that epic journey.

Grab your world notebook and get signed up!

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