Mists of Akuma: Soburin Vignettes

Vignettes of Soburin Volume covers 01-03

I’m releasing weekly short encounters over here, gradually expanding the lore and content available for Mists of Akuma to make certain there’s always something available at every level from 1st through 20th.

Vignettes of Soburin volume 1 01 snapshot

Each PDF is a relatively short number of pages (I have the first 5 done and the largest is 8 pages) featuring lovingly restored ukiyo-e artwork and utilizing maps by Dyson Logos.

Vignettes of Soburin volume 1 02 snapshot

Of course that also means more new monsters and characters! Just in these snapshots there are a trio of creatures unique to Soburin. Some of these are awesome and I frankly want to just post all of them, but it can wait. In due time!

Congratulations on scrolling this far—here’s a sneak peek of the encounter dropping next week as a reward. [UPDATE: Now available for free!]

Vignettes of Soburin volume 1 03 snapshot

This is only the first volume and when it’s over I’ll compile these into a snazzy hardback (hooking up any subscribers with a discounted copy of course), so take a look and consider getting into some adventuring in Soburin!


In related news: #ProjectCrescendo is underway and I am very excited about it. As soon as the time is right I’ll reveal more, but for now all I can share is this screenshot. Stay tuned because this one is going to be big! ^_^




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