Mists of Akuma: A Village Corrupted (free!) Quickstart Adventure

Snag yourself a download over yonder: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/299873/Mists-of-Akuma-A-Village-Corrupted-Quickstart-Adventure

You might think 50 pages is a lot for a one-shot—and you are correct. The adventure itself is only a half-dozen or so pages, and the bulk of the page count are the pregenerated Mists of Akuma iconics (which come in both fancy and simple black and white so ink cartridges don’t break printing them out). Any GM worth their salt will be able to read through and understand A Village Corrupted in a matter of a few minutes and be ready to run it for a group that already has a suite of dope characters to choose from!

In the near future it’ll be available on Roll20, and if you want to add A Village Corrupted to your bookshelf full of Mists of Akuma goodies you can order a softcover today! 🙂

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