Epic 5E Stretch Goal #2: HEART OF WAR

Legendary Adventures: Epic 5E has had a PHENOMENAL launch on Kickstarter!

After funding in a flash we quickly unlocked the first stretch goal at $10,000: the Epic Depths adventure for 21st level PCs. Since then I’ve been reaching out to designers and fielding pitches, and picked out the perfect person for the next stretch goal.

⚔️ $16,000 Stretch Goal: HEART OF WAR

Brazilian game designer and journalist Thiago Rosa is penning an adventure that takes PCs to another world altogether, thrown into an epic conflict between a massive firestorm elemental and volcanic elemental. Each of these titans has created armies to assail the capital city of an alien warlord, eager to claim their prize—the enchanted heart implanted into the warlord’s body. The adventurers may choose a side or fight for themselves, but to learn more of the Trekth they must end the siege and vanquish any forces that would continue the conflict.

What you’ll find in Heart of War

  • An adventure on a different world for PCs of 22nd level.
  • Statistics for elite alien shock troops, the alien warlord, and battalions of elementals (air, earth, and fire).
  • The Heart of Primordial Flame, a potent artifact that offers whoever takes it great power—but not without cost.
  • More details about the mysterious Trekth and the effects of their world runes.
  • Pregenerated adventurers of 22nd level for every class.
  • A printer-friendly black and white file in addition to the regular PDF.

Check out the Kickstarter and get your pledge in!

As of this writing thanks to more than 500 AWESOME people we’re $2,500 from unlocking Thiago’s adventure (more are on the way!!) and there’s still more than 2 weeks left to back the project!


  1. Hello Mike and congratulation for your truly epic KS winnning. When come this stuff to public like drivethrurpg ?

    • Thank you! I’m still floored and overwhelmed by how well it went. Expect the core book and first adventure to be available on DriveThruRPG sometime in June. ^_^

      • ok thank you for the respond and waiting impatiently for the next KS.

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