Wired Article About Working Conditions at Tabletop Companies

Sean K Reynolds

Right around the time that Paizo employees decided to form a union, WIRED journalist Cecilia D’Anastasio (hereafter abbreviated as “CDA”) contacted me to ask about my experiences working in the tabletop RPG (TTRPG) industry and whether I had witnessed or experience any harassment at various companies. She used my responses and those of other people to create this article for WIRED.

Although everything I said was on the record, the article doesn’t quote me or mention me by name. In the spirit of being open about my experiences, I’ve decided to repost what I said to them in this blog, along with some additional notes for clarity, because there are specific things I experienced that I think people should know about. I’m using italics and brackets [like this] to indicate any additional information that wasn’t part of my answers to CDA.

CDA: Generally speaking, how have your experiences been…

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