Staged Heroism, an RPG Tribute to the Venture Bros

When they announced that the Venture Bros were not getting another season my friend John Kennedy messaged me and asked if we should do anything about it.

Hell yes we should do something about it. So we did.
We made an RPG tribute to the Venture Bros, designed with that show (and the cartoons it itself parodied) in the forefront.
Playtested it, developed it, improved it, illustrated it, proofed it, surprised Doc Hammer (co-creator of the Venture Bros!) in a bar in New York with an early copy of it.

(He was stoked and is an excellent human being and asked me to sign his copy and signed one of mine and my face is still stuck like that)

It’s on Kickstarter right now, funded on day one, and you can pledge to it up until April 14th!


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