Eldritch Chess, ver 1.1

Owen K.C. Stephens

I love Chess variants. The origin of this love is twofold. First, I adored the idea of โ€œMartian Chess,โ€ or Jetan, that Edgar Rice Burroughs in The Chessmen of Mars, complete with full rules of the game. Second, my father loved classic boardgames, including chess and chess variants. As a child he taught me Go, Checkers, Chess, and then Shogi and Xiangqi. When I fell in love with Jetan we played it for months (using tape to temporarily turn a Go board into a Jetan board), and he introduced me to Chancellor Chess, Checker-Chess, and a tone of other variants.

When Dragon Magazine published Dragon Chess, he and I used out multiple chess sets and many of my lead miniatures to make a set, and played. I don;t think we ever got through a whole game, but we made multiple runs at it.

(Somewhere in here I also found theโ€ฆ

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