Staged Heroism: Review

The TTRPG Factory

Staged Heroism is a loving tribute to Venture Brothers. That perpetually canceled classic of television whose fans will continually beg you to watch it, while simultaneously knowing you wonโ€™t. Itโ€™s a show that defies expectation and explanation and means a lot to a lot of people. As one of those fans, itโ€™s hard for me not to spend this review gushing about the show, instead of talking about the book. It is that sort of show. And if you havenโ€™t seen it, stop reading it and go watch. Any random episode will be better than whatever you had planned today anyway. Itโ€™s the sort of show Iโ€™ve rewatched at least once a year since it premiered in 2004 and still find new elements to love. What Iโ€™m getting at is if this book is anything like the show, Iโ€™ll be totally unbiased, and wonโ€™t let it impact my opinion atโ€ฆ

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