Staged Heroism: Review

The TTRPG Factory

Staged Heroism is a loving tribute to Venture Brothers. That perpetually canceled classic of television whose fans will continually beg you to watch it, while simultaneously knowing you won’t. It’s a show that defies expectation and explanation and means a lot to a lot of people. As one of those fans, it’s hard for me not to spend this review gushing about the show, instead of talking about the book. It is that sort of show. And if you haven’t seen it, stop reading it and go watch. Any random episode will be better than whatever you had planned today anyway. It’s the sort of show I’ve rewatched at least once a year since it premiered in 2004 and still find new elements to love. What I’m getting at is if this book is anything like the show, I’ll be totally unbiased, and won’t let it impact my opinion at…

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