Veranthea Codex: Grethadnis (D&D 5E)

The time has finally come: Veranthea Codex is making its way to D&D 5E! Those of you who have been with me from beginning probably already know about my first campaign setting, but to date all of it was designed for Pathfinder (1st Edition). No longer—soon the medieval realm of Grethadnis is getting its own snazzy hardcover for 5E launching on Kickstarter!

This 190 page sourcebook details 26 nations and regions across the Fair Continent with statistics for 100 NPCs in a realm of medieval fantasy. An entire academy of magic instructors, thieves’ guilds galore, zealous priesthoods—there’s even 18 new monsters in here including a draconic bunny.  It also has new heritage options (like feylves, pantako, motleyfolk, and shadetouched), new class archetypes (including the fiery Doonfist Pistolero and greedy Oath of the Merchanteer), and new magic items (such as the banners of the crusades and mirrored weapons)!

More than half a decade ago Veranthea Codex funded on Kickstarter before inspiring a number of other great books set in that world. In the meanwhile I’ve started a course about campaign settings for the Storytelling Collective, launched and funded 9 more Kickstarters (5 for other setting books!), became the editor of the EN5ider Patreon, and managed the wildly successful Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition project. 

All that time I have yearned to return to my first love and its massive magical suits of armor (magickaar!), the plethora of gigantic monsters to use those against, the subtle intrigues of the metropolis Lethis, the hidden wickedness in the otherwise idyllic Privatend, and all the other radical high-octane fantastical bits that my earlier gaming self so recklessly embraced. Hopefully this is just the first book and we can follow it with updated conversions for Urethiel, Trectoyri, the Forever Dark, the 5th World, and Into the Veil, as well as a new player’s guide and tome on the deities of Veranthea. 🤞🤞 Like the campaign setting itself, Grethadnis is where that journey starts!

Click here to join the pre-launch page and be notified when the Kickstarter goes live!

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