Setting: Book of Exalted Darkness! (D&D 5E / SotDL)

The Book of Exalted Darkness (5e)
is now on sale!

Book of Exalted Darkness cover snapshot

head KS graphic FUNDED

The entire project team is deeply thankful to everyone who shared or pledged to the project–we are going to make some truly despicable and righteous books
(and there’s going to be a Shadow of the Demon Lord conversion to boot as well as a do-gooder Book of Celestial Heroes!)

My deep gratitude goes out to everyone that that read my many, many threads, checked out the project, or pledged. You are awesome and have my gratitude–thanks! 😀


A 5th Edition OGL adventure module for four to five evil 2nd level PCs.

The holy decopunk campaign setting of Askis is ruled over by the nine legendary Celestial Heroes, epic adventurers that stamped out evil from the worldalmost.
In this free adventure module for the Book of Exalted Darkness Kickstarter the players are wicked agents part of a plan hatched by Gespadrieux, a mad scientists lurking beneath the earth. Their sordid party of villainy will strike against not one but two of the Celestial Heroes’ descendants, cracking the impervious fortifications of the paladin Lellwyn Fethyrwal in a daring assassination in the very heart of the city of Legio before effecting a daring escape.

What you’ll find in Killing the Golden Twins:

  • The city of Legio, a fully-mapped settlement filled with bustling factories and devout workers!
  • An exciting and despicable adventure in two acts: preparing for the foul deed and escaping capture afterward!
  • 7 holy NPCs to stand in the way of the evil adventuring party!
  • Inaequa Chariots and Inaequa Pistols, the first pieces of decopunk technology that will be included in the Book of Exalted Darkness!
  • Dark rewards for completing the quest including malevolent augmentations for every character class and four grafting feats depending on what each PC chooses as their prize!
  • New attributes: Sanctity and Sin, two facets central to the Book of Exalted Darkness through Sin points and the danger of the vilespawn template!
  • 2 nefarious class archetypes: fearmonger sorcerers and masquerading heretic rogues!
  • Book of Exalted Darkness character sheets!

BoED Character Sheet FRONTSIDE FIXED 5.3.jpg


BoED Character Sheet BACKSIDE draft uno.jpg


An evil 5th Edition OGL supplement for wicked players and vile GMs.

The Book of Exalted Darkness Kickstarter is set in a holy decopunk world as a backdrop for evil adventurers—and comes with a plethora of despicable, nefarious, and wicked mechanics for them to truly spread corruption and malevolence! The Book of Exalted Darkness: Evil Primer is a preview of some of the playtest material for the book, all of which will be refined by backer-feedback and critique. 

What you’ll find in the Evil Primer:

  • New attributes: Sanctity and Sin, two facets central to the Book of Exalted Darkness through Sin points and the horrific vilespawn template!
  • 7 Inherent Heresies taken by PCs at character creation, their edge against a world predicated to grind them beneath its heel!
  • 4 Evil Backgrounds (foolish spelunker, inaequa technician, murderer, and unholy witness) to give the group a better sense of the world of Askis!
  • The Science and Technology skills for adventurers keen on manipulating machines to malevolent ends!
  • Inaequa Chariots and Inaequa Pistols, the first pieces of decopunk technology that will be included in the Book of Exalted Darkness!
  • A bevy of despicable feats! Deformities like Corpulescent and Malformed Basal Ganglia, Sinful Magic and Sinful Slayer for evil mages and warriors alike!
  • The start of the Evil magic tradition with the blood spear, bone spurs, exsanguination, extinguish soul, flay skin, forced hemorrhage, foreboding horror, sanguine razorstorm, and unholy gaze!
  • Vile class options! The Abyssal cleric domain, Feral Barbarian primal path, Gray Knight warlock patron, and Warrior of Dark Chi monastic tradition!
  • Book of Exalted Darkness character sheets!

FREE PDF #3: Mad Scientist Playtest

Mad scientists are common enemies and antagonists, but why not protagonists as well? Now they can be using the mad scientist class to build dastardly villainous PCs for Fifth Edition OGL!

What’s in the Mad Scientist Playtest PDF:
  • New Attributes: Sanctity and Sin, the mechanical representation of good and evil in Book of Exalted Darkness
  • The mad scientist class, a curious spellcaster that weaponizes technology, builds drones, lobs grenades, and enacts insane experiments
  • Four class archetypes including the nefarious evil engineer, gruesome fleshworker, explosive trickster, and blasphemous unholy technologist
  • 15 new scientific gadgets for the mad scientist class
  • The Dissectrinator, a terrifying chirurgical construct (Challenge 5)
  • A pair of chirurgical procedures for fleshworker mad scientists
Please let us know what you think about the Mad Scientist Playtest PDF at bookofexalteddarkness|at| Thanks!


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