Campaign Settings for Pathfinder, D&D 5E, Shadow of the Demon Lord

All of my campaign settings have sizable (40 pages+) preview PDFs on their sales pages and 4-5 free PDFs each (available through the hyperlinks on the bottom of each entry below). 😀

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  • Mists of Akuma (5E) (core book, 275 pages; Anniversary Edition, 340 pages)
    Eastern fantasy noir steampunk! Think Afro Samurai + Warhammer 40k + Ravenloft, or Onimusha + Eberron + Sin City. The lands of Soburin’s 26 prefectures are lushly detailed with over 100 NPCs and monsters, there are huge chapters for three important cities on the continent, archetypes for every class, 14 new races–there’s a lot in here.
  • Mists of Akuma (Shadow of the Demon Lord) (core book, 250 pages)
    We got to be the first licensed 3rd party book for SotDL 😀
  • Trade War (adventure path, 374 pages)
    All 6 of the first wave of Mists of Akuma modules connected together through an intricate plot that takes the adventurers across all of Soburin!
  • Imperial Matchmaker (mega adventure, 365 pages)
    Delve deeply into Sanbaoshi (which gets 150 of these pages) and webs of intrigue within deceptions, falsehoods, and all sorts of sabotage culminating in an epic battle that may well define the future of the entire continent.

More information and free PDFs for Mists of Akuma

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  • Book of Exalted Darkness (D&D 5E and Shadow of the Demon Lord; not yet released): This holy decopunk campaign setting is all about adventurers that are evil–for JUSTICE! The world’s technology is powered by inaequa, energy that elongates the lives of creatures with good in their hearts.

More information and free PDFs for Book of Exalted Darkness


If you like Conan the Barbarian, Xena the Warrior Princess, Tarzan, Fafrhd, Khal Drogo, Thundarr, Red Sonja, Grognar, the Scorpion King, Beowulf, Kull the Conqueror, Fire and Ice, or are just a fan of savage adventures on a primal and untamed worldVast Kaviya is for you!

  • Vast Kaviya (D&D 5E) (core book 322 pages)
    This super massive world of primal struggle is a decentralized campaign setting and bestiary (22 areas with 100+ statblocks). Within are warlords all with their own lairs, minions, and guidelines for how they interact with one another, giving GMs a new toolbox of NPCs and unique areas to either include in their homebrew fantasy setting for some old school sword and sorcery, or to gradually discover using the book’s Exploration Rules! There are 13 major tenets about the world that are true no matter where one travels however—for more details on those check out the free primer PDF.



  • Veranthea Codex (Pathfinder) (core book, 382 pages)
    This is the most homebrewed and has 6 distinct settings on one world (sword & sorcery & steampunk, high fantasy wuxia, monstrous dieselpunk, subterranean psionic wild west horrors, maritime cthulhu robots and aliens, and ancient aquatic progenitors), a sizable chunk of player options (basically the Adventurer’s Handbook), and the last third of the book is like an NPC Codex for alchemists, cavaliers, gunslingers, inquisitors, magi, ninja, oracle, samurai, summoner, and witches.

More information and free PDFs for Veranthea Codex


  • Hypercorps 2099 (Pathfinder) (core book, 204 pages setting and rules template)
    Got tired of Shadowrun’s broken rules and made my own cyberpunk variant for Pathfinder that uses the Hyper Score system (sort of like Mythic) to make players into super heroes (well, probably not heroes, but you get the idea)

    • An Undying Contract (novel, 165 pages of thrilling cyberpunk action)
    • FAMOTH (source book, 70 pages focused on the Hypernet)
    • Specimens in Centralia (adventure module, 26 pages of hyper drake hunting)
    • Thrillville or Killville? (Hypernet adventure module, 26 pages of digital rush)
    • Operation: Nazi Smasher (anti-nazi high level adventure module for charity, in PDF, Print, and Roll20; 69 pages of content including all of the Hyper Score System, 7 pregenerated characters, and even character pawns)

More information and free PDFs for Hypercorps 2099


  • 2099 Wasteland (5E) (core book, 183 pages)
    Fundamentally moved the axes of gameplay so that it’s much more like original D&D and focused on survival (in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting). Has a randomized world generator built into it so each table’s Wasteland is unique, as well as custom-built weapons, vehicle rules, four new classes and races (which are IN THE PREVIEW PDF OF THE MAIN BOOK!!), warlords like Merlin the Technomage and Drago Chainbeard, and everything you could need to make your own wasteland.

More information and free PDFs for 2099 Wasteland

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