Mike’s Gen Con 2017 Schedule

NOTE: If you are here for the Warhammer 40k D&D 5E Hack series, show up next week on Friday August 25th–I anticipate lots of questions for it and don’t want to leave people hanging all weekend while I’m at Gen Con. Hyper Score Marvel is also taking a week off while I’m out of town.

Are you going to be there? If you want to meet up that is awesome, email me about it, but otherwise saying “Yo!” is cool too. I look like this:

floating mike.png

Your best chance of finding me is to hit the dealer’s room and go to Booth #2940 – End Transmission Games!

gencon 2017 booth 2940 end transmission games.JPG

Note that I’m not actually working all of those hours in the booth, they are just the windows of hours you might expect to find me there.

End Transmission Games Gencon 2017 Game Schedule.JPG

I’m also slated to run a game of Splinter though which specific group and time, we’re not yet sure.


~11 AM – Leave Pittsburgh
~6 PM – Arrive in the Indianapolis area
7:15 PM – Arrive at the Indianapolis airport
~9 PM – Acquire food and gaaaaaaaaaame!


11 AM – Acquire food
Noon to 4 PM – Booth Setup
4 PM to 6 PM – RPGNet Chatroom meetup at Scotty’s
6 PM to 8 PM – Independent Game Developer’s Network Party at Lion’s pub or something like that
9 PM onwards – Diana Jones Awards and gallavanting afterward


9 AM to 6 PM – Dealer’s Room at the End Transmission Games booth (#2940!)
7 PM onwards – Acquire food, game, and have a good time


9 AM to 6 PM – Dealer’s Room at the End Transmission Games booth (#2940!)
8 PM – Another RPG meetup at Scotty’s and the having of a good time


9 AM to 10 AM – On the panel for Non-Combat Encounters (SEM17110770; Location: Crowne Plaza :: Grand Central Stn C)
11 AM to 1 PM – Dealer’s Room at the End Transmission Games booth (#2940!) and acquisition of food
1 PM to 2 PM Uliesses Spiel Seminar (not a panelist for this one, just attending because omg) at Crowne Plaza : Pennsylvania Stn B
3 PM to 4 PM  – On the panel for Kickstarter your RPG (S
EM17110772; Location: Crowne Plaza :: Conrail Stn)
4 PM to 5 PM – On the panel for Alignment in RPGs (
SEM17110773; Location: Crowne Plaza :: Pennsylvania Stn C)
7 PM onwards – Acquire food and secret industry stuff.


9 AM to 4 PM – Dealer’s Room at the End Transmission Games booth (#2940!)
6 PM onwards – Driving home to Steph and Felix (and Olive) in Pittsburgh

Gen Con Rules

1) Where are your business cards? (www.mikemyler.com)
2) Don’t smell bad.
3) Every cigarette dugout of gamers has at least 1 industry person in it (if not many)
4) Do you smell bad?
5) Eat food. Buy trail mix and stuff. Do not spend the convention waiting in line for food.
6) Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for a lot of standing around if you are in for booth duty.
7) DO NOT use the main thoroughfare bathrooms.
8) What did you do with your phone and is your external battery charged?
9) Drink water.
10) Once again, do you smell bad?
11) Remember to be nice to people. If you don’t like how a game is going or somebody talking to you, politely excuse yourself and move on. If somebody bumps into you in the SEA OF HUMANITY just move on.
12) If you see something inappropriate going on, notify convention staff.
13) Remember to sleep at least a little bit.
14) If you are driving home, be wary of cops who know the roads will be busy and drive carefully (there are other exhausted congoers with places to be).





I would die if somebody ran a murderball/dungeonball tournament bonanza. I may have to engineer such a thing.

Owen K.C. Stephens

The Midvale Murder Hobos are making a run for the scoring zone, with number 12, “Doomed” Dwalvitsky gripping the d-ball in both hands to qualify for the score. An ogre hits Dwalvitsky, but the dwarven halfback is just plowing toward the zone. He’s bleeding, but the Hobos’ morale coordinator, Brother Turpin, shoots out some buffs. There’s just seconds left in the segment, the crowd is on their feet, Dwalvitsky puts his head down and rushes a worg blockers, and…. Score! The Murder Hobos score! They win the Temple of Hill Giant Evil cup!

DungeonBall is a ridiculous way to play the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game to combine sports tropes in the mix of fantasy and adventure tropes. It’s a simple set of add-on rules to simulate sport-dungeon-stomping, presumably in a word where that is televised (or broadcast by crystal ball) for entertainment of the masses.

While all game rules not specifically…

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The end of the 2099Wasteland Kickstarter, free Scrapper PDF, and other bits of awesome!

The 2099 Wasteland Kickstarter is ending this Sunday December 18th and we really need a big push to make the funding goal so if you haven’t gone to check out the project yet please do so — there’s now a fourth free PDF for you to enjoy!


What Else Mike Has Been Up To

Making this awesome page with examples of my various talents! Check it out!

I’ve also prepared several titles for print and have a number of proofs (eight I think?) coming to my house, not limited to but including the revised The Black Knight Pathfinder adventure, Veranthea Codex: Forever Dark, TWO Mists of Akuma adventures, and one mysterious hardback for Veranthea. 😉

Expect pictures for when these goodies reach my house!

Searching the River Styx: A Hellish 5th Edition Adventure!

New for EN5ider patrons (https://www.patreon.com/ensider)! In this 5th Edition adventure, the PCs find themselves dead, and at the entrance to Hell itself! The River Styx, a demiplane populated by daemons tasked with shepherding souls to their final destination, is the setting for this adventure which can be run as a one-off, or used when the entire party is killed in the course of adventuring. Will they survive the Cavern of Gluttony, the grasping of the damned, the soul shriek of utter torment, the Altar to Heresy, and the the Grotto of Avarice? Can they help the fallen angel Sotira, and so gain their freedom and their lives? This adventure uses a scaling system to allow it to be used for PCs from 3rd-16th level. By Mike Myler; illustrated by Ellis Goodson. Become a patron now (https://www.patreon.com/ensider) and get this and over 100 other 5E supplements and adventures. 78190 (https://www.patreon.com/ensider)

Source: Searching the River Styx: A Hellish 5th Edition Adventure!

Character Creation Rules

Owen is a kinder GM than I. “Is it on the official Paizo PRD or one of the Veranthea books? If it isn’t, the answer is no.”

Owen K.C. Stephens

When I start a new campaign, I like to send out a set of guidelines outlining what I do and don’t allow for character creation. Sometimes these are very specific (I have been known to restrict a group to one character with a full base attack bonus, one with 9-levels of spellcasting, and one with 6 or more skill points… though that is far from universal). Sometimes they are pretty general. They are always designed to help players make characters that will fit well in the campaign I plan to run.

That doesn’t mean I am a dictator. If the rules mean you can’t make the character you want, talk to me. Normally, that’s because you want to run something that won’t work well in the game I want to run. In that case, the whole group may want to discuss what kind of game we want, and if I…

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Wizard Training

Owen K.C. Stephens

In the credit where credit is due department;
When I was hired by Wizards of the Coast in 2000 as a game designer, I did not know how to do a pagination. Or an art order. Or an outline. I’d never finished anything longer than a big magazine article, and I managed to get hired on the basis of those. But I had no books under my belt, no college degree, and very little experience in the publishing industry.
And of what I think are obvious reasons, I didn’t blab my first day that I was horribly, terrible under-qualified for the job I was suddenly doing. I SHOULD have, but the idea terrified me.
The person who realized I had no idea how to do the non-writing parts of my writing job? And then just quietly trained me so I could do them?
Steve Miller.
Thanks buddy.
If you’ve…

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Mists of Akuma

He’s right! I’m all done though — now we’re waiting on 3 maps and it’ll be ready to go. 🙂

The blog of Michael "RonarsCorruption" McCarthy

Back in April (of 2016, to be clear), I was part of another kickstarter project, this time with Storm Bunny Studios: Mists of Akuma. Once again working with Mike Myler, we devised another campaign setting: asian steampunk noir post-apocolyptic fantasy… It certainly is a lot of themes, and it took a little jostling to make everything work – but in the end I think it did. Since it’s not released quite yet, I won’t know for some time if our backers and community agree.

It’s also for 5th edition – and was my first time working at a professional level in the edition. Since I was once again the editor, that meant I had to get up to speed, quickly. I read the entirety of the Players Handbook and most of the Dungeon Master’s Guide over the course of the month-long kickstarter to prepare for the writing and editing.


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