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Are you an artist trying to find some work?

A gaming company interested in securing my talents as a writer or game designer?

Someone with an opinion or suggestion for how my work could improve?

A satisfied reader?

Please don’t hesitate to e-mail me with your comments, feedback, interests, or opportunities at mike.myler.adventures|at-symbol|gmail.com!


I don’t just want feedback, I need it. Reality is perception so no matter what your opinion of my work is, I can dig some valuable insight out of it because I’m rather limited in that regard, what with only two of these ridiculous fleshy globes to see from and so on and so forth.

This would be the place to leave that feedback but should you prefer to be more discreet, simply e-mail me at mike.myler.adventures|at|gmail.com.



  1. Hello Mike, what is the statue of book of exalted darkness in KS ? And Hyper system is interesting in my opinions to make it heros and villain in 5 edition a truly epic poportion, maybe for god and demi god statue in 5 edition.

    • Right now artwork is being produced, my writers are finalizing their copy, and I’ve generated most of the broader world aspects as well as 90% of the book’s mechanics (which playtesters are going through). I won’t get much work done on it until November (because of the Empyrea Kickstarter) but we’re currently looking at Q1 2017 for release (hopefully sooner).

      You could (and should!) *totally* use it in conjunction with Hyper Score to make the PCs into super villains! 😀

    • Heya Kyrinn! Thank you for enjoying the Warhamer 40k D&D 5E Hack!

      In the google document, I request that people do not make a PDF of the hack. Games Workshop can be a touch overzealous about their intellectual property and I am fairly certain that if this fan project gets that serious (receiving the professional treatment normally due a proper book) it will genuinely anger them. Black Library story submissions are due in April and I really want to make it in this year (and add more to the actual Warhammer 40k universe!) so while I am flattered and pleased at your enthusiasm, I can’t do that (and further request that other people do not do that) because it could definitely reflect very negatively on me in the larger scheme of things.

  2. I absolutely adored your book of exalted darkness and book of celestial heroes. I own a hard copy of one will get the other sometime. Pdf of both. While I have some philosophical disagreement on what a good society would be overall i love the setting. The examplar class is great. And the villains were downright creative. I will use many of them. Great setting. Great villains. Great classes.

    Jennings Cunningham

    • Thank you sir! 😀 They are both *very slick* books and I’m overwhelmingly happy with how they finally came out. Post here (or elsewhere) and let me know how your games using them go please. I love hearing war stories about my books in the field. 😀

  3. Hey mike I’m a big fan of your marvel, mortal kombat, and war hammer stat blocks. Do you have any more plans to make more marvel stat blocks? Or have you considered making some DC comics stat blocks? Maybe some villains? 😉

    I’m doing a marvel/dc dnd campaign next month and I’m starting them at level 10 and having them make it all the way to 20. I’m super excited.

    • That’s great! Please enjoy them! 😀

      There’s a Joker build (https://mikemyler.com/2017/05/30/the-joker-dd-5e/) but I think that’s about it, and unless the mood strikes me I have no plans for another supers series. There *are* those Killer Instinct posts though so if you missed them check those out, and who knows—there’s gothic Eureeka’s Castle stuff on here. It’s impossible to tell what might be next. :3

      (although I do have epic rules coming soon and there will be I think 12 posts with extra variant rules for that—keep an eye out early 2021)

  4. Hello Mike,
    I’m sorry to say that I missed the LA Epic D&D5e book Kickstarter.

    Is there somewhere I can buy it post KS?
    I’d love to pick up a copy if possible.

    Many thanks!

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