Setting: 2099 Wasteland! (D&D 5E)

Hypercorps 2099: Wasteland is an alternate reality of Hypercorps 2099 where the horrors of war have engulfed the planet in a nuclear apocalypse! Though much of the radioactive fallout has been sucked up and away out into space, surviving in the Wasteland is no simple matter.

See what I mean in these free PDFs or check out the product’s 40+ page preview then grab it in digital or deadtree form!!!

Also check it out–a fan asked for some 2099 Wasteland character sheets so I made some! FRONT BACK


Rules for Radiation, brain slugs, irradiated animals, alien abductee and shelter dweller backgrounds included!


Radiation negates most magic so what’s a healer to do? MEDICINE of course!
Many of your standard assumptions about D&D are thrown out the window–in the Wasteland you aren’t looking for glory, just to survive! Rebuild civilization with this PDF!
Just because magic doesn’t work does not mean that spells can’t work…also, gun turrets.