Get your copy of my eastern fantasy noir steampunk campaign setting from Storm Bunny Studios! Inside are almost 300 pages of new NPCs, new feats, new class archetypes, new equipment, new monsters (so many oni!!), new attributes (Haitoku FTW!), an adventure written by the GM that got me into gaming (Revenge of the Pale Master), and MORE awesome stuff!

But guess what — you don’t have to wait! Go download these awesome free PDFs and start adventuring in Soburin today!

Want to know details on that whole “fall from virtue” character attribute? Be a paladin that follows the code of bushido? Delve into the dark pacts of wu-jen warlocks? Go get yourself some!

The final book has 18 new dragons of the imperial variety but you can snag a look at some in here!

Throughout the Kickstarter campaign we kept an ongoing fictional tale weaving together project updates and as it came to a close, I collected them in this tasty little PDF alongside statistics for the necroji race, a paper kami monster, and some other goodies like the Dignity attribute. See what I mean with your free download here. 🙂

If you want your character to uppercut people with fire we have something just for you.

Why do the people of Soburin view technology as heresy? If your beat-up old dresser suddenly grew arms, legs, and teeth, you’d probably be pretty skeptical of furniture–now imagine that’s an artillery cannon. Enjoy these freebie monsters and subtly unleashing them on your unsuspecting players!

What’s next after the main book releases?

Several adventures including The Yai Sovereign of StormsFangs of Revenge, and Cursed Soul of the Scorpion Samurai! Stay tuned!