Setting: Mists of Akuma (D&D 5E / SotDL)


Get your copy of my eastern fantasy noir steampunk campaign setting from Storm Bunny Studios! Inside are almost 300 pages of new NPCs, new feats, new class archetypes, new equipment, new monsters (so many oni!!), new attributes (Haitoku FTW!), an adventure written by the GM that got me into gaming (Revenge of the Pale Master), and MORE awesome stuff!

MoA 5E Character Sheet (FRONTBACK)

Folks that prefer a more traditionalist style or want to get some extra content should check out Mists of Akuma: Anniversary Edition!

Not sure if this brutal world is right for you or your group? Uncertain the PCs can survive in Soburin? Check out the free A Village Corrupted quickstart adventure! You might think 50 pages is a lot for a one-shot—and you are correct. The adventure itself is only a half-dozen or so pages, and the bulk of the page count are the pregenerated Mists of Akuma iconics (which come in both fancy and simple black and white so ink cartridges don’t break printing them out).

A Village Confronted front cover


5e Imperial Matchmaker cover snapshot

This 365 page urban sandbox mega adventure takes characters from 3rd to 12th level in an epic campaign of discovery, intrigue, and action that takes place across all of Sanbaoshi!

Read more about it here or grab a copy on DriveThruRPG.


There are also weekly encounter releases on my Patreon! Become a member for long enough and you’ll get a coupon for (10 weeks for the good one, 5 weeks for the less good coupon) a discounted copy of Soburin Vignettes

Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 COVER

(and of course there are some freebies)

Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 – 01 Dyo’s Dilemma.pdf (free)
Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 – 03 Budding Budōnoki.pdf (free)
Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 – 02 Adeddo-Saru Chaos.pdf (free)
Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 – 04 Virtuoso Oni.pdf (free)
Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 – 05 Masked Masayoshi.pdf (Patrons)
Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 – 06 All Dried Out.pdf (Patrons)
Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 – 07 Plagueblade.pdf (Patrons)
Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 – 08 Gyōshi’s Puppetry.pdf (Patrons)
Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 – 09 Ghost Dog.pdf (Patrons)
Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 – 10 Oni Swarm.pdf (free)
Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 – 11 The Thriceblade.pdf (Patrons)
Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 – 12 Midnight Warlord.pdf (Patrons)
Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 – 13 Woeful Flock.pdf (Patrons)
Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 – 14 Oni Usurper.pdf (Patrons)
Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 – 15 Bamboo Giant Strikes.pdf (Patrons)
Vignettes of Soburin Volume 1 – 16 Ocean’s Ire.pdf (Patrons)


MoA SotDL cover snapshot.JPGI’ve converted Mists of Akuma to the Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG — which also have a 40 page preview PDF you can download. 😀 (available in PDF & Print)

MoA SotDL Character Sheet      Ink Friendly Version

Soburin Ancestries is a companion book for the Shadow of the Demon Lord version of Mists of Akuma. It is filled with tables for the many ancestries of Soburin along with new illustrations that make it a great addition for 5E folks looking for more flavor from this dark world of woe and despair.

But you don’t have to wait! Go download these awesome free PDFs and start adventuring in Soburin today!

Soburin Primer 5E BUTTON


Click here for the Google Drive file! (D&D 5E only)

Also did you know there is a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE adventure path for Mists of Akuma available in hardcover for both D&D 5E and Shadow of the Demon Lord? Because there totally is!

The following free PDFs below are older–other than Imperial Dragons, Legendary Survivors, and Tsukumogami, everything below is encapsulated into the Soburin Primer)


What’s next after the main book releases? ADVENTURES!

The PCs are approached by a monstrous bengoshi with a deal too tantalizing to ignore, guiding the adventures to the hidden oni city of Tsukisasu to vanquish an ancient primal evil before it threatens all of Soburin in The Yai Sovereign of Storms!

In the railroad town of Samon in Haikasuru Prefecture a rebellion is brewing, the workers of the locomotive company though to be forming a violent union ready to wreck havoc. What the adventurers find however is that the bite of the Fangs of Revenge is far more insidious and poisonous than they could ever have imagined!

Hinjuku Nagaro was once a hero to the people of Soburin, adopted by the lord of the Fuson Prefecture and raised as one of the noble’s own–until his forbidden romance with a royal daughter of Fuson became public. Dishonored and shamed, he has become a mercenary and villain hidden away in the countryside, only returning after a decade of exile in order to exact his revenge. While the adventurers may believe they’ve lured him into a trap they’ll soon find the tables are turned in The Cursed Soul of the Scorpion Samurai!

Scourge of Robai Shita TEmple cover snapshot.JPG

Heroes are needed in the mountainside town of Shibai—though thought to be spared from the horrors of the demonic Mists of Akuma, recently the supernatural haze has started to fall onto the settlement and a monster lurks through the evil fog. Despite the presence of the infamous Mubo Brothers, hired by the local mayor, a Sukochi bengoshi calls upon the party to get to the bottom of what ails Shibai in Scourge of Róbai-Shita Temple!


Heat beats down from the blazing summer sun and the adventurers are hot on the trail of a fugitive, ordered by the bengoshi Akia the Iron Shell to hunt down the charismatic cult leader Shinjirarenai. Soon after routing the foul oni-touched mage however the mystery deepens, forcing the PCs to chase across southern Soburin after a curious stolen shipment until the true powers at work are revealed and the party realizes they are but pawns in an ancient conflict, pieces on a gameboard between two Imperial Siblings!


Honorable Wills is only available for D&D 5E, but it is an excellent and robust adventure nearly 100 pages in length taking the party from Hofuku Prefecture into the depths of depravity in Uragi, uncovering the misdeeds and righting the dishonor of the wealthy Torimu Clan.

Seven Grains of Rice front cover SNAPSHOT.JPG

This is the second module of Mists of Akuma‘s second wave of adventures (the epic double-length Honorable Wills being the first) took a few rounds of playtesting to work out just the right way to adopt the narrative of the classic film to tabletop play. It’s not as simple as Seven Samurai however, tying in one of the Mists of Akuma Iconics (Tomoe Masamune, the Crimson Blade) and several other memorable heroes to accompany the PCs, helping train the farmers with weapons and armor to defend the village of Noru against a power-armored villain and scores of bandits.


More is on the way!

The Adventurer’s Handbook (collecting all the information any PC in Soburin might need!) is out for D&D 5E and all of our adventures are gradually becoming available for Shadow of the Demon Lord–although you can just get them all at once now with Trade War. 😀

Keep you eyes peeled because we’ve got BIG plans for the (funded and in progress) Imperial Matchmaker mega-adventure releasing in fall 2019!


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Do you have a hankering for pyrrhic tales of grim determination and woeful outcomes? We want you to write for Mists of Akuma! Contact me with your pitch (email preferred–mike dot myler dot adventures |at| gmail dot com) and we’ll see if you’re a solid fit. 🙂