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I have several campaign settings (for Pathfinder, D&D 5E, and Shadow of the Demon Lord) that are all dope, with big preview PDFs on sales pages and 4-5 free PDFs each you can download. Please go and check them out, that is why I made a bunch of free things for them. 🙂

I absolutely hate it when people pull shit like that and it’s not how I do things here. If you do find something you don’t think has the rules sufficiently explained within it or inside of the many free supplements for each of my campaign settings, tell me and I’ll fix it!

What’s in this giant table below? All the character builds and monsters/NPCs I’ve posted here on the blog over the years. This includes but is not even remotely limited to the corrupted 100 Acre Wood, Ancient Greece D&D 5E, Hyper Score Marvel, Killer Instinct D&D 5E, Mortal Kombat D&D 5E, a litany of RPG video games for D&D 5E, Streetfighter D&D 5E, Warhammer 40k D&D 5e, and dozens of other subjects mostly written for D&D 5E (but not exclusively). In total it’s something like 200+ characters from pop culture (along with a score or so of my own devising from retired campaigns).

(psssst the best thing—by far—is the Muppets D&D 5E hack it is so demented ♥♥♥)

A slightly more detailed version of this table is located here on Google Drive.

NAME CR Books Used
100 Acre Wood (warning: mature content)
Map & Other NPCs various
Eeyore 6
Gopher 4
Kanga 2
Owl 4
Rabbit 6
Roo 8
Tigger 8
Winnie the Pooh 9
ANCIENT GREECE D&D 5E (The New Argonauts 5E Conversion)
💫➡️Informational and Guide Post⬅️💫
Aeetes’ Bulls 3
Aeetes’ Dragon 8
Alkinous’ Hounds 2
Amphisbaena 3
Antaeus 4
Argus Panoptes 3
Bacchae (Maenads) 1
Calydonian Boar 4
Cerberean Hound 5
Cerberus 8
Charon 4
Erinyes 4
Euryale & Sthenno (Gorgons aka Medusas) 3
Geryon 8
Greater Hydra 12
Greek Soldier 2
Hecatoncheire, the Hundred-Handed Ones 12
Kaukasian Eagle 3
Manticore (Persian) 4
Nemean Lion 3
Oracle at Delphi 2
Orthos 3
Scylla 5
Sphinx (Classical) 6
Stymphalian Bird 1/2
Talos 4
HYPER SCORE MARVEL (Pathfinder 1E | D&D 5E)
Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity Gems, and Thanos Hypercorps 2099
Axel Asher aka Amalgam 18 | 9 Hypercorps 2099
Bishop (and Shard) 17 | 15 Hypercorps 2099
Cable 18 | 17 Hypercorps 2099
Cyclops (PF 1E only) 16 Hypercorps 2099
Daredevil (PF 1E only) 18 Hypercorps 2099
Deadpool 19 | 16 Hypercorps 2099
Emma Frost 15 | 8 Hypercorps 2099
Hulk 23 | 24 Hypercorps 2099
Iron Fist (PF 1E only) 15 Hypercorps 2099
Iron Man 26 | 16 Hypercorps 2099
Jessica Jones 11 Hypercorps 2099
Luke Cage aka Power Man (PF 1E only) 12 Hypercorps 2099
Moon Knight 17 | 14 Hypercorps 2099
Mr. Fantastic 19 Hypercorps 2099
Mystique 14 | 12 Hypercorps 2099
Nightcrawler 13 | 13 Hypercorps 2099
Punisher 14 Hypercorps 2099
Rocket Raccoon 17 | 12 Hypercorps 2099 | 2099 Wasteland
ROM the Space Knight 17 | 14 Hypercorps 2099
Shadowcat 13 | 10 Hypercorps 2099
Spider-Man 15 | 14 Hypercorps 2099
Squirrel Girl 9 | 8 Hypercorps 2099
The Living Tribunal 37 | 30 Hypercorps 2099
Thing 23 | 19 Hypercorps 2099
Thor 25 | 23 Hypercorps 2099
Venom Symbiote Hypercorps 2099
Vision 24 | 20 Hypercorps 2099
Wolverine 20 | 17 Hypercorps 2099
Black Orchid 14 Mists of Akuma
Chief Thunder 13 Mists of Akuma
Cinder 12 Vast Kaviya
Fulgore 15 Mists of Akuma
Glacius 12 Vast Kaviya
Jago 11
Riptor 13 Mists of Akuma & Vast Kaviya
Sabrewulf 13 Book of Exalted Darkness & Mists of Akuma
Spinal 12 Mists of Akuma
T.J. Combo 13
Muppets D&D 5E
Star Wars Hack Various (see the hack)
Hell-Alf (character race)
Easter Bunny (free PDF) 12
Afro Samurai 17 Mists of Akuma
Jinno (Afro Samurai) 14 Mists of Akuma
Aku (Samurai Jack) 24 Mists of Akuma
Samurai Jack 17 Mists of Akuma
King Arthur (Monty Python) 4 Book of Celestial Heroes
Patsy (King Arthur’s squire) Book of Celestial Heroes
Morty (Rick & Morty) 1 Book of Celestial Heroes
Rick Sanchez (Rick & Morty) 19 Book of Exalted Darkness
NCR Ranger (Fallout) 9 2099 Wasteland
Power-Armored Wastelander (Fallout) 7 2099 Wasteland
Jaqen H’ghar (Game of Thrones) 6
Joker (DC Comics) 12 Book of Exalted Darkness
Professor James Moriarity 9 Book of Exalted Darkness
Protoman (Megaman) 11 Hypercorps 2099
Jareth the Goblin King (Labyrinth) 14
Shame Wizard (Big Mouth) 4
Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) 10 Book of Exalted Darkness & Mists of Akuma
Shun-Di (Virtua Fighter) 11 No, but found a great homebrew archetype
Simon Belmont (Castlevania) 9 Book of Celestial Heroes
Venger (D&D Cartoon) 20 Book of Exalted Darkness
💫➡️Informational and Guide Post⬅️💫
Baraka 11 Mists of Akuma
Goro 11 Mists of Akuma
Jax 11 Mists of Akuma
Johnny Cage 9 Mists of Akuma
Kano 10 Mists of Akuma
Kintaro 11 Mists of Akuma
Kitana 11 Mists of Akuma
Kung Lao 11 Mists of Akuma
Liu Kang 10 Mists of Akuma
Mileena 11 Mists of Akuma
Noob Saibot 11 Mists of Akuma
Raiden 11 Mists of Akuma
Reptile 11 Mists of Akuma
Scorpion 10 Mists of Akuma
Shang-Tsung 11 Mists of Akuma
Shao Kahn 16 Mists of Akuma
Smoke 11 Mists of Akuma
Sonya Blade 10 Mists of Akuma
Sub-Zero 10 Mists of Akuma
Aurelia Deszydri
Befev Oacipla, Champion of Sheep
Belton Handerfist, Giant Serial Killer
Everywoman (Abelline Rappaport) 14 Hypercorps 2099
Farrak Bakk, Naked Mage of Eilistrae
Generalissimo Tuck Underbarrow, Slayer of Dragons, Master Tactician, Harper, Hero of Phandalin
Priest Cletus Longtoe
Sargeant Riggis Murtaugh
Everywoman (Pathfinder 1E) 14 Hypercorps 2099
Ollllllld Man (Pathfinder 1E)
Rogue Door (Pathfinder 1E)
Rogue Door Elite (Pathfinder 1E) 9
Dākufurūto Sōsha (D&D 5E and Shadow of the Demon Lord) 5 Mists of Akuma
Fringe, Master of the Meat Circus (Shadow of the Demon Lord)
George/Elrond (Shadowrun 3E)
Ragman (The Demolished Ones)
RPG Video Games D&D 5E
Black Belt (Final Fantasy I) 5
Black Belt (Final Fantasy I) 10
Black Mage (Final Fantasy I) 5
Black Mage (Final Fantasy I) 11
Fighter (Final Fantasy I) 5
Fighter (Final Fantasy I) 14
Red Mage (Final Fantasy I) 6
Red Mage (Final Fantasy I) 14
Thief (Final Fantasy I) 3
Thief (Final Fantasy I) 12
White Mage (Final Fantasy I) 5
White Mage (Final Fantasy I) 13
Bowser (Super Mario RPG) 8
Geno (Super Mario RPG) 9
Mallow (Super Mario RPG) 8
Mario (Super Mario RPG) 8
Princess Toadstool (Super Mario RPG) 7
Materia System (Final Fantasy VII)
Materia Sytem using MP (Final Fantasy VII)
Aerith Gainsborough (Final Fantasy VII) 6
Barrett Wallace (Final Fantasy VII) 10
Cait Sith (Final Fantasy VII) 8 Vast Kaviya
Cid Highwind (Final Fantasy VII) 10
Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII) 9
Red XIII (Final Fantasy VII) 10
Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII) 19
Tifa Lockheart (Final Fantasy VII) 8
Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy VII) 10 Book of Exalted Darkness
Yuffie Kisaragi (Final Fantasy VII) 10 Mists of Akuma
💫➡️Informational and Guide Post⬅️💫
Abel 11 Mists of Akuma
Akuma 16 Mists of Akuma
Balrog 15 Mists of Akuma
Blanka 13 Hypercorps 2099 & Mists of Akuma
Cammy 10 Mists of Akuma
Chun-Li 11 Mists of Akuma
Cody 10 Mists of Akuma
Dan 6 Mists of Akuma
Deejay 12 Mists of Akuma
Dhalsim 12 Mists of Akuma
E. Honda 11 Mists of Akuma
Fei Long 10 Mists of Akuma
Gouken (and free PDF) 21 Mists of Akuma
Guile 12 Mists of Akuma
Ibuki 9 Mists of Akuma
Ken 14 Mists of Akuma
M. Bison 17 Mists of Akuma
Necalli 18 Mists of Akuma
Q 9 Mists of Akuma
Ryu 17 Mists of Akuma
Sagat 13 Mists of Akuma
T. Hawk 12 Mists of Akuma
Vega 13 Mists of Akuma
Zangief 13 Mists of Akuma
💫➡️Informational and Guide Post💫
Space Marine (incognito) and Primaris Template 3 | +1
Loyalist Space Marine 5
Traitor Space Marine 5
Techmarine 7
Librarian 11
Cognitae Agent 13
Dreadnought 14
Rogue Psyker 13
Warhound Titan (Imperium) 16
Revenant Titan (Eldar) 16
Stompa (Ork Gargant) 16
Lutomorbus (Chaos) 20
Capillus (Squats) 16
Tau Stormsurge 16
Bloodletter (Khorne) 9
Bloodthirster (Khorne) 17
Daemonette (Slaanesh) 8
Keeper of Secrets (Slaanesh) 17
Disc of Tzeentch 9
Lord of Change (Tzeentch) 15
Nurgling 4
Great Unclean One (Nurgle) 16
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