Mike: Wearer of Many Hats

What is it that you do?

I do everything required to make a book, aside from illustrations (and even then, sometimes I do illustrations).


From making a budget to creating a deadline and insuring that other folks stick to that, I’m very familiar with all the stages of a book’s development and oversee all the aspects of production to make certain what comes out in the end is the intended awesome tome.


I write and design the vast majority of the content in books with my awesome little logo on the front but I also work on behalf of many publishers for a wide variety of intellectual properties I do not own. Most of these titles can be found here.


Editing is something I’ve had a lot of experience with whether for small products or extremely large books. At this point I’ve developed a multiple-pass system that has proven to be very effective at isolating typos and so on. Although it isn’t as fun as some of my other tasks, I can put surprisingly large pieces of copy through its paces in a relatively short amount of time (depending on the content I average between 15,000 and 20,000 edited words a day when this hat gets pulled on.)


I am not a very talented illustrator but I am very good at plumbing the public domain and re-imagining material in order to suit my needs. I’ve also learned a lot about image manipulation and have become pretty handy at making my own graphics. Some examples are below.

character titles collected.png


VC Gods character titles (collected).png

MoA Logo FINAL embossed

herastreas home.png

pneumavore with sky draft dos.jpg



Almost by accident, I’ve become pretty damn good at making maps! There’s definitely room for improvement but for the most part if you need it mapped, I can do it. 😀


This is another talent I’ve developed that I initially had no plans of learning, but ultimately had to–if you need to put it to the page and print it, I know how to do that too.


All of my campaign settings are the result of crowdfunded projects and I’m 6/7 (thank you awesome backers!!!) There was one hiccup that people are probably going to be curious about–I am (despite requests from before launch and afterwards) credited as “Crowdfunding Engineer” for the Empyrea Kickstarter. This is not accurate. It would be unseemly for me to speak on it at length but I will share this small snippet of my contract because its intent was clear: I knew that decisions beyond my power to control or influence had fatally flawed the project, with such a high level of confidence that I demanded an amendment to my contract specifically detailing the primary element I knew was the biggest problem. I sent my resignation letter the morning of October 17th and wish them the very best of luck.