Blog: Mike’s RPG Characters

It doesn’t happen as often as I’d like, but occasionally I get to play in a game rather than run it! After a given campaign ends I post these characters up here for others to potentially enjoy–if you do use them, comment and tell me how it went! 😀


[D&D 5e] Habib el Armisari ibn Forsooth ibn Goldesi ibn Rahstfara ibn Saldeem ibn Hissaryi ibn Krylleer ibn Varsadd ibn Lurraz ibn Terr’dukin (he of the many incorrect names) Male human (calishite) barbarian 1/wizard 3/rogue 1, chaotic neutral

[D&D 5E] Aurelia Deszydri Female dragonborn (gold) bard 14, lawful good

generallisimo tuck underbarrow.png

[D&D 5E] Generalissimo Tuck Underbarrow, Slayer of Dragons, Master Tactician, Harper, Hero of Phandalin Male halfling rogue (arcane trickster) 7, chaotic good


[D&D 5E] Befev Oacipla, Champion of Sheep Female dwarf (mountain) barbarian 4, chaotic good

[D&D 5E] Priest Cletus Longtoe, Proselytizer of Jebus Crisp and Follower of the Foley Ghost
 Male halfling (lightfoot) cleric (protection domain) 4/warlock (old one patron) 1, neutral good

Farrak Barrak

[D&D 5E] Farrak Bakk, Naked Mage of Eilistraee Male half-orc sorcerer (great old one sorcerous origin) 6 / fighter 1, neutral good

Everywoman (clean)

[D&D 5E and Pathfinder RPG/Aberrant] Abel(line) Rappaport: EVERY(WO)MAN
NG Female human monk (ballistics brawler) 11 [hs 3, meganaut 1]


[Pathfinder RPG] OLLLLLD MAN, N Old male human bard 1/alchemist (mind chemist) 2

Rogue Door

[Pathfinder RPG] ROGUE DOOR, CG Form-trapped mimic unchained rogue 3/sorcerer 1

elite rogue door

[Pathfinder RPG] ELITE ROGUE DOOR, CG Form-trapped mimic unchained rogue 10

RAGMAN for The Demolished Ones


[Shadowrun] George/Elrond, the Elfiest Elf to Ever Shadowrun

 Fringe with dogs

[Shadow of the Demon Lord] Fringe, Master of the Meat Circus


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