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I am SO STOKED about this Kickstarter–my fifth campaign setting and last big foray into D&D 5e! If you are like me and love playing an evil character or get lost in worlds with some style and flair, you are going to love this.

I go into detail about it on the Kickstarter page but we really found something truly unique with this campaign setting, providing a genuinely good reason to be wicked.

Don’t take my word for it–go to the project page, download the 2 free PDFs (the Evil Primer and Killing the Golden Twins), and make a pledge!

I’m not in the office for the next two weeks so Street Fighter D&D 5E and Hyper Score Marvel are on hold while I’m out of town.

In the meanwhile I encourage you to take a look at and speculate about my next big project (this one for D&D 5E):

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