Detective Geeks and Kickstart Ventures!

ep199verantheacodexDefective Geeks had me on their podcast!

The first recorded podcast for the Veranthea Codex Kickstarter! We talk about the development of the world, the lewd deity of the goblins, Smastrik, Dreksler the drunk god of dwarves and infinite ale, and (maybe) mermaid ninjas with seashell throwing stars!


There’s an article on Kickstart Ventures as well!

kickstart ventures graphic

Serena Nelson wrote a bit about the Veranthea Codex and if you’re keen for a read rather than a listen, check out her article on Kickstart Ventures!



Never Enough Time!

Keeping the AaWBlog in line is a demanding task and I’ve got a host of other projects (both written and otherwise) keeping me busy, so I don’t get to post here very often; here’s what I’m up to. Over the next two weeks I’ll be…

  • Staying on top of the AaWBlog. In April we’re doing a grab bag approach (because of some excellent extra content for Michael Allen’s upcoming Twin Crossings) so the heat is off us for a wee bit, but only because…
  • Rise of the Drow, the prologues, epilogue and everything in between should be out of the wheelhouse by the end of April if not sooner.
  • As should all of the Underworld Classes and Races books. At least, I should be done looking at them. The artwork keeps coming in and it is FANTASTIC.
  • Listening to a podcast I did with Defective Geeks  that comes out on Monday, at which point I can show off two more of the Underworld art pieces that Jacob Blackmon has been brilliantly illustrating.
  • Seeing the final touches get put on The Great Pubo Hunt, first module in the Varakt’s Halo psionic adventure path!
  • EN World has me helping with a few things (database stuff for NPCs and adventures), and I’m eager to finish those so I can start writing an enormous (ly awesome) project for EN Publishing.
  • Covering Tekkoshocon (the Pittsburgh Anime Convention) for NERDTrek.
  • Working out the last details of an extremely exciting project that I can’t talk about yet. Have to see how the proposal goes. Not your average RPG product though, I’ll say that much. 😉
  • Other things, like vacuum the house; Steph is growing tired of the dirty carpet. Also I desperately, desperately need a hair cut.
  • I am without doubt forgetting some of my tasks here, but I’ve probably already spent too many minutes on this post!
  • Oh, right, insomnia. I’m fairly sure that I won’t be sleeping much until Paizo announces that they’ve hired a game designer to fill in the position open there.


So stay tuned! I’ll have awesome links for clicking on in April. 😀