Hypercorps 2099: Wasteland – Nuclear Elemental

If you missed the first post about this upcoming Kickstarter, you can find it here.

I am overwhelmingly excited with what I’ve been putting together for the post-apocalyptic timeline —  my playtesters all seized upon the doctor, mechanic, and scrapper classes almost instantly, the custom-built weapon rules are being embraced, and everyone is as stoked as I am to change the pacing of the game and explore how the settlement rules play out (hint: so far so good)!

As I continue to work my way through the document (I’m down to just spells, half the monsters, and a few bits and bobs), it’s all mechanics first. After I know a thing works, then I write up a half-page entry that details what, say, this terrifying creature is all about and how it is exactly that it fits into the environs of the Wasteland (although in the case of a nuclear elemental, it is perhaps pretty obvious.)

nuclear elemental draft 11.7.png


Click on the image for a more legible picture of the statblock.



Like what you see? AWESOME! See something that could be improved? Tell me! Want to get in on the playtest? Contact me!

And thank you for checking it out! While I’m endeared to the little art pieces I’m putting together for this book, my primary goal will be to make these into art orders and use funds from the Kickstarter to pay for illustrations by far more talented artists.

Please keep popping back here throughout the month and when we launch the second Hypercorps 2099 Kickstarter, become a backer and tell your fellow gamers about the project!


What I’ve Been Doing – Hypercorps 2099: Wasteland

I have neglected my website too long! My deepest apologies dear readers, but I assure you it’s been time well spent.

Things that I am doing currently:

  • Print proofing Mists of Akuma (which should be on sale before the end of November)
  • Developing the copy for Veranthea Codex: Forever Dark
  • Helping Ryan Costello of Know Direction with a project he’s been cooking up for a while now
  • Turning in projects to EN5ider and Drop Dead Studios
  • Fulfilling Hypercorps 2099 physical Kickstarter rewards
  • Celebrating the fantastic awesomeness of FAMOTH! If you are using Hypercorps 2099 for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, this is THE Hypernet Handbook. Want to nerd rage as a barbarian hacker? Wear a nanite suit? Visit the curiously medieval processing server of Harsanath? Go get FAMOTH!
  • Writing webpage updates that are really not as timely as they should be.
  • Putting The Yai Sovereign of Storms and Fangs of Revenge, two Mists of Akuma adventures going to PDF and print, through their paces in layout.
  • Translating Mists of Akuma to a mysterious RPG system!
  • Reading the Mutants and Masterminds 3E core book again for mysterious reasons. 😉
  • Polishing the pitch for a really awesome niche RPG in an intellectual property that I practically worship. I really, really wish I could tell people about it because it is AWESOME but I cannot do so for quite a while yet.
    Rest assured that my oldest fans will go bonkers when they find out.
  • Working on this amazing thing (Kickstarter before December!!):


If you are a GM interested in playtesting this (which will be on Kickstarter before December!) please comment below with how I can contact you, when you are scheduling your games, and the #2099Wasteland hashtag!

Awesome things you will find in Hypercorps 2099: Wasteland:

  • A 120 page (or larger) book
  • A World Design Engine: there will be stretch goals for a section that details a specific city or region, but the way I’m doing this will allow for GMs to generate the Wasteland as the PCs discover more of it
  • Settlement Rules: Build a settlement, attack a settlement, defend your settlement, expand your settlement — it’s all here (and a preliminary graphic for it is below)
  • Four New Classes: Doctor, Mechanic, Mutated Freak, and Scrapper. Doctors are the new healers (any non-necromancy magic has trouble functioning around radiation), Mechanics build deadly mechaframes they wear into battle, Mutated Freaks indulge in radiation and try to influence their mutations, and Scrappers are the technological masters of the Wasteland
  • Class Archetypes like the Commando Fighter or Wasteland Trader Bard. I expect to have more of these as the project takes shape but as of right now, we’re mostly concerned with “I am the best at shooting” and “bartering is crucial”
  • New Equipment and Weapons Rules. This will range from astronaut suits to plasma boots and we’re making a system for building a firearm from scrap or just improving whatever you’ve got on hand
  • New Races, Backgrounds, and Feats. Play as an android, an awakened animal, an alien gaxion, a mutant, or the husk of life known as the smart walker. Did you grow up in an underground shelter? Have a childhood as part of a feral gang of scavengers? Get abducted by aliens? All also covered
  • New Rules. These range from new conditions (such as starvation, irradiated, or limb damage) to new skills like Science and (the maybe familiar) Technology
  • New Hazards. Be it EM Storms, Radstorms, Radtwisters, or Unexpected Detonations, the very nature of this alternate timeline is lethal
  • A host of Wasteland Warlords, each with lackeys, soldiers, and commanders. The words of the day for Hypercorps 2099: Wasteland are “mad science” and I’ve been taking that to heart. Fight the militant Atomic Army, discover the secrets of the mysterious Bureau, battle against Axkrazdhi the Gaxian Masterlord, risk becoming a slave to the brain-slug Cult of Slarsh, and much more! Most excitingly, YOU, THE BACKERS, will determine which warlords make it into the book and which don’t!
  • Surviving Operators. While they aren’t out fighting (or working for) hypercorporations in the Wasteland, some of the characters from the core Hypercorps 2099 timeline will also be present–although quite different–in this universe!
  • MORE MONSTERS. Radiation dragon, irradiated elementals, psionic revenants, mordors, and the dreaded Wyrm — these will all be making an appearance in the Wasteland.


That’s all I can reveal right now! I’ll leave you with this amazing video of me playing Birdly, which was hands down the best two minutes of my life. IF YOU GET THE OPPORTUNITY TO TRY THIS, DO IT.


HEROES OF THE HYPERNET (Hypercorps 2099 Kickstarter Backer Game)

After 19 glorious sessions of play, the Hypercorps 2099 KS Backer Game has come to an end! Read on to see what chaos Florisley-Ley (Steve), Chaplain (James), Tycheros (John), and Dr. Smith (Matt) get into in the future!

Thanks goes out to that quartet along with all of the Hypercorps 2099 backers (all my fun paperwork for sending out books starts tomorrow, folks), and it is my great joy to share their epic tale here. 🙂

Heroes of the Hypernet

May of 2099 has seen an untoward amount of precipitation in Neo York. Fawkes News places the blame squarely on Skull Island, the socio-anarchists claim that the repulsors from Lucrum’s two decades plus long flight are the cause, and on the Hypernet just about everything seems to be to blame.
It doesn’t matter
—Neo York is still as wet as the nearby ocean and just as polluted.


THE PARTY (starting at level 3/hyper score 1)

  1. Florisley-Ley: Oracle/Sorcerer Plant Conjurer
    Originally an elf born in a druid’s grove
    Born in Brazil 40 years ago (2050s) during the hypercorp superseeding
    During adolescence chlorian
    Combined her with essences of treants and stuff
    Chosen because of aptitude with divine and arcane magic
    sent to Neo York where she’s based out of Central Park
    anti-pollution and any degradation of the natural world

  2. The Chaplain: Angelic War Priest Monk
    Midwestern kid, regular going to school
    Started in US Military and then went Private Security Forces for Viztao

  3. Tycheros: Investigator/Netjacker
    Born and raised in Queens
    Highschool nerd, got into hacking, went and got a traditional college education in computer sciences
    Computer Security guy for a while, part of a Redhat team
    No tramautic event yet

  4. Smith: Vigilante Infiltration Specialist
    Interested in magic/tech interface
    Traditional route – college to become an engineer
    worked for a hypercorp to harness the power of the celestial realms
    finds out it is used for kidnapped celestials into the Material Plane
    performs questionably moral things during the day, and sabotages evils at night

Find out more (and see pretty pictures!) here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qXYlaFkp6CCkxZGAguDjtJofMfxpgE6lBlSpYd6FUHc/edit?usp=sharing


Paizo Con and Mists of Akuma End (Successfully!)

Before anything else, I want to address the people that are my fans.

I do not know how to react to having fans.
You are all awesome.

If I failed to thank you for enjoying my work, if I seemed out of sorts, generally came off as curt or strange, or otherwise conducted myself untoward in any way whatsoever, I apologize profusely. I don’t think I managed to offend anyone, but I feel so unbelievably awkward when someone says “you have done something awesome” that I seriously forget how to be a human.

So: thank you for saying hello to me, it was wonderful to meet so many of you, and in the future please be like “MIKE! HIGH FIVE AWESOME TOWN!” and we will slap hands in a most epic manner that I am 100% prepared for and then talk shop or predict the weather or whatever. 😀


I am super duper excited about the project!!! Not only are we really breaking into some truly unique ground with Mists of Akuma as a setting, going to be the first to bring in eastern fantasy to D&D 5th Edition, and enabling me to place some AWESOME art orders, the GM of my youth is writing an adventure for it! Chris Rippee is a peerless storyteller and I seriously cannot wait to see the final copy he turns over (there’s an encounter preview here).

If you would like to support the project but were unable to pledge to the Kickstarter, email mistsofakuma@gmail.com and we’ll get you sorted.

PaizoCon 2016

I have had quite a week. One of Hypercorps 2099‘s backers, Steve Caron, bought me a plane ticket to and from Seattle, and my inimitable (and unflinchingly polite, almost to a fault) right-hand man Michael McCarthy put me up in his hotel room for most of the trip. Once again, you both have my sincere thanks for your graciousness!

After a cramped flight to the west coast I wandered down to the hotel and dropped off my belongings before wandering around that area of Seattle for a while before hanging out with some folks in the bar. In the evening we got most of the Hypercorps crew together and made for a fantastic thai restaurant down the rail line, then hit up a grocery before getting to bed early.

Friday kicked off with my first Shadow of the Demon Lord game run by none other than Stephen Radney-MacFarland, then it was straight away to the first Hypercorps 2099 seminar and it went great! Unfortunately to make it to the Hyper RPG studio in time to appear on Rabbit Stew, we had to leave the panel in the hands of Luis Loza and Jason Nelson — I am assured it went well, but will make sure to put links to the Know Direction recordings of the panel so you can be your own judges (and will definitely share the video for Rabbit Stew when it gets onto YouTube).

That night we also did the first scheduled Hypercorps 2099 game, Operation Varsity. I had a very exciting very secret meeting somewhere before we came back to the hotel and sprinted into the game room late, but everyone was very cool about it. Because Steve had a penthouse suite (which was HUGE) we took the group up there and played with a gorgeous view behind us (and many glasses of rum drinks). Getting things underway I was in great trepidation because this was the first time I’d actually played Hypercorps 2099 in person as opposed to through Roll20.net, but there was no reason to be worried–a good time was had by all and the system performed as well in real life as it does through the Hypernet. 😉

Saturday was my “whatever” day and  I mostly hit up seminars (which were all good) before the banquet. There was much talk of Starfinder and I look forward to it as much as you likely expect. I have spoken to many Paizo people and many other people about the new ruleset and what that means for Hypercorps 2099 and when I’m able to say more about any of that, I will do so.

Sunday was another day of enjoyable and informative seminars until the second Hypercorps 2099 game (Skirmish with Soldier Corps) which had seven players! It was SUPER intense and much to my delight, at the end of the table one of Friday’s players (a netjacker mechwarrior) was doing side battles with one of his friends (that scheduled game’s netjacker)! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!

Immediately afterward, the Hypercorps 2099 crew got together and this happened.

Hypercorps cast airport transformed
My peeps are the best peeps.

The next day kicked off with a seminar for both Aethera and Hypercorps 2099; despite being the morning of the final day of the convention we had more attendees than panelists! There will be a link provided when Know Direction puts it up. 😀 That night I hung out with Steve and my returning mechwarrior (Miles Smith) and we had one final Hypercorps game,  and it was as awesome as the rest of the sessions at PaizoCon!

Today (nearly 24 hours ago ~.~) I woke up and walked to the airport with Steve, hopped on my plane, and spent most of the trip brainstorming for Mists of Akuma and reading The Blood Chalice (a Warhammer 40k novel).

Interesting note: Starting Friday morning, my right ankle started doing weird things! There’s no real pain, just discomfort — it feels like there’s a bag of wet sand above my right heel. My regular source of wisdom for these things (my grandmother was a nurse for decades) was just as perplexed as I was. I’ll be taking it easy for a few days (no jogging) to see if some hot/cold pressing fixes it.

All told I had a wonderful time at PaizoCon 2016. All of the Paizo staff put on a fantastic convention and they have both my thanks and congratulations! I feel weird tagging them about Facebook and so on and so forth, but should any of them stop by my website (Cosmo I’m looking at you!) boom — ya been thanked.



It’s been over a month since my last post! Eek!

I have been working extremely hard on Hypercorps 2099 and am proud to inform the world that barring three backer reward contributions, 202 of the 204 pages of the Pathfinder book’s copy are DONE and ready for layout! 😀
Nathanael’s artwork is still trickling in and delighting me with an increasingly regular frequency, and my dream is that we can publish this version before 2015 ends.

Override profile pic.png
This would be the cover by Claudio Pozas, featuring (among others) the fellow in the video for the Kickstarter (which you can watch here). LANrefn1 is up there behind him and also has an entry in the book).

The rest of my week (and probably a good deal of next week) is going almost exclusively to 5th Edition Hypercorps 2099! Fortunately about 20% of that is ready to go as-is, but I expect the rest to come along nicely without too much trouble fixing this or that aspect of the system to match the different rule set.

If you’re keen to some 5E D&D cyberpunk goodness right now, however, you can become a Patron of EN5ider to get my Reskinning for Genre article!

HYPERCORPS 2099 HAS FUNDED! Also Know Direction podcast and a LIVE Q&A on Friday October 2nd!

So much has happened!

  1. Still exercising *arm juke*
  2. HYPERCORPS 2099 HAS FUNDED! We have 11 days left to break through stretch goals and we’re already fast approaching the first one!
  3. We’re doing a LIVE Q&A for Hypercorps 2099 on Friday October 2nd at 8PM EST (5 PM PST)! Stop by the update and leave your question(s) as a comment or drop by the Hypercorps 2099 Facebook page and let us know there!

  4. I was a guest on the excellent KNOW DIRECTION Pathfinder RPG Podcast! You can watch it all right here!
  5. To Stake A Vampire is finally out and it is burning up the charts! Grab your copy of this classically-styled D&D adventure filled with numerous dungeons, fantastic holy relics, and a truly terrifying vampire lord that will cut the adventurer’s so deeply that the players bleed! It is currently on sale for $5 (!!!) so get it while it’s cheap!

Hypercorps 2099 in all its glory!

hypercorps 2099 finally revealed
Bask in the glory of Nathanael Batchelor’s full Hypercorps 2099 cover!

It is my extreme pleasure to announce the Hypercorps 2099 Kickstarter coming at the end of August!

This fantastic game and universe have captivated me since their inception late last year and after more than half a year of playtesting and tweaking, I’m overwhelmingly excited to work with Legendary Games and share it with the world!

Hypercorps 2099 is a rules template that operates much like Mythic Adventures. While that’s a fun system (and compatible with this one for truly epic games) and I enjoyed it, there’s a predication to survival that made my character feel too powerful. What I’m doing with Hypercorps 2099 is headed in a slightly different direction: everything is deadlier, things happen more quickly, and then of course there’s the matter of theme.

The Hypercorps 2099 Kickstarter launches on August 31st, but there’ll be little reveals and leaks before the final day at www.hypercorps.com.

Like the Veranthea Codex (which I’ll be finishing delivering physical rewards for before the launch of this next project :D), the Hypercorps 2099 Kickstarter has four free PDFs:The Hyper Score System Demo, Hacker Base Class, The Hypernet, and one adventure PDF (though backers can get access to another two after the project funding period ends).
As an added bonus this time folks that pledge at the right levels will get two adventure PDFs immediately after the funding period ends. This way any group will be able to get some cyberpunk superhero Pathfinder hyper-fun going on long before the full book comes out!

I am a big fan of cyberpunk and superheroes (Shadowrun and Mutants & Masterminds [and Black Crusade, and D&D 5th, and The Adventures of Baron Von Munchausen…]) but most of what ends up hitting my game table is Pathfinder. It’s what folks are most comfortable with, everyone is familiar with the rules (and my casual players aren’t always keen on absorbing entirely new rule sets all the time), and there’s a veritable metric ton of support for it through apps and Paizo’s PRD (as well as d20pfsrd.com).
Also Paizo is great and I’m always keen to support both their company and products (and as a rules template, Hypercorps 2099 offers a new opportunity to use Pathfinder material you already have). We’ve also got stretch goals lined up that cover compatibility for D&D 5thMutants & Masterminds, Lords of Gossamer and Shadow, and W.O.I.N. so even if Pathfinder isn’t your preferred system, we got you covered.

From the get go your character has a tragic event that triggers their hyper-nature (making them alter sapiens) and granting access to abilities that set them above and beyond your regular adventurer (or monster). Telepathy, flight, teleportation—these are all within reach of a 1st level character with a hyper score of 1. The implementation of these effects can be as simple as spell-like abilities or much more comprehensive (tailoring the Words of Power system from Ultimate Magic, until we hit the Spheres of Power stretch goal[s] anyway), but are the primary mechanical elements that make the game super cyberpunk as well as fantasy.
There are also hyper flaws, hyper attributes, hyper traits, hyper feats, and other choices for what route your build takes, but the end result is an injection of drama into the actual numbers of what’s going on at the table (to stupendously entertaining effect). Then there’s the infusion and modification of hero points and their use as cinematic crescendo, and the new attributes—but we’ll save that for next month.

WHO (Boomered)
The first person I approached about making a world that meshes the two genres I’ve got a constant hankering for was Clinton J. Boomer. If you’re not familiar with Clinton I strongly, strongly, strongly recommend reading his material (chances are good that if you play Pathfinder that you already have and are maybe not aware of it). Clinton’s also got a hankering for superheroes in Pathfinder (his tumblr has a whole slew of them!) and in a meeting after I got the very first bits of framework down for the setting (originally planning on being a Mutants & Masterminds product) he asked the question: why can’t we do this in Pathfinder?

I didn’t have any particularly good reason for why it couldn’t be done, so I hit the books and tried out a few different approaches then ran a few playtests.

Hands down the best games I have played in years (maybe ever).

Every session has been a dramatic joy filled with bits and pieces of hilarity from start to finish and Clinton is owed my deepest appreciation for seeding the idea.
While we intended to work on this together, his current situation (in a new place, at a new regular job, with his first baby!) made him drop the project, which was definitely a bummer.
Hypercorps 2099 is too good for me to allow dust to gather on it, however, and I’ve got three amazing designers and writers to fill his shoes: Savannah Broadway, Luis Loza, and Michael McCarthy (Paizo veterans one and all). The ideas they’ve brought to the table are just blindingly brilliant and even thinking about what’s coming in the next few months fills me with adrenaline!

We are in for an amazing ride.
Plug in your hyperjack and save up some bytecoins.

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