PROFESSIONAL GOBLINS #1: Soup Mountain and Duncan the Polka Paladin

I am still deep in the trenches of layout design (some 400 proof-ready pages behind me between 2099 Wasteland, Curse of the Scorpion Samurai, and Veranthea Codex: Adventurer’s Handbook) and about to start another edit for the Ponyfinder folk (then the Mists of Akuma conversion gets its treatment) BUT yesterday we started a thing!

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Next episode we’re going to start including guests so if there’s somebody you want to see or something you’d like to hear us pontificate about, let us know!

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Kickstarter February, it looks like

I’m extremely busy so I’ll be brief: Pathfinder goodies are on the way!

Amora Game is releasing Liber Influxus Communis, a book with classes. Within are the mnemonic and the conduit! The former is a memory stealing, feat/skill swapping monk and the latter absorbs spells and shoots them back out/leaps crazy far/etc. There’s a preview of those two and Scott Gladstein’s survivor class on and It is already funded, but you should throw down just to get a copy.

Finally, there’s Dragon Tiger Ox. The boat already set sail on this guy, but I’m talking to Scott Gladstein right now and he’s in the final phases of layout, which means it gets released today. Pick it up for the fantastic martial arts action it’ll bring to your Pathfinder game, but read my section first: The 36 Chambers (oh I went there; I went there, took pictures of the great Brass Monkey, and now I’ve come home and they’re DEVELOPED!)

As always, there’s more going on, but this seems like a good place to stopper myself.

Publisher Stampede!

Several new members are joining the increasingly large cast of folks that I’m working with:

Amora Games already has the first draft of A Fisherman’s Bounty.

Tricky Owlbear Publishing is due The King’s Trail.

Stormbunny Studios just worked out a deal for Frigid Reflections, set in their Rhune: Dawn of Twilight campaign setting.

I’m working out a deal on an incredible adventure path with my boys at and I sent out the contract this morning for another upcoming tome with them (I won’t say what it is, but I will say where it is – the Underworld of Aventyr.)

While all of these are extremely cool and I encourage you to follow their progress, the thing I am most excited about (well, aside from that adventure path, maybe) is the Dragon Tiger Ox: Pathfinder Wuxia Kickstarter by Little Red Goblin Games.

I’ve seen the artwork (holy f#&~%@^ s#@%!!), I’ve looked around at what they’re putting together and moreover, I talked them into including me as a stretch goal. I’ll be writing up Legendary Weapons, one of which will be posted here next week so you can see what it is I’ll be bringing to that project.


On top of that, reviews for The Mysterious Peaks of Baranthar are starting to come in, and they are excellent. $4 to horrify and shock your players – go get it.
We can only imagine what the remainder of this month has in store; stay tuned to see the Spear of Tempest Legendary Weapon next week!