PROFESSIONAL GOBLINS #1: Soup Mountain and Duncan the Polka Paladin

I am still deep in the trenches of layout design (some 400 proof-ready pages behind me between 2099 Wasteland, Curse of the Scorpion Samurai, and Veranthea Codex: Adventurer’s Handbook) and about to start another edit for the Ponyfinder folk (then the Mists of Akuma conversion gets its treatment) BUT yesterday we started a thing!

professional goblins podcast graphic DRAFT UNO.pngIf you’d like to hear me and another 3PP veteran talk casual about the RPG industry, gaming, and other subjects of interest, tune on in Wednesdays at 6:30 PM EST over on
Next episode we’re going to start including guests so if there’s somebody you want to see or something you’d like to hear us pontificate about, let us know!

(MP3 File here.)


Nerd Nighters and a 2nd LIVE Q&A!

A few days ago (and a few thousand dollars—we’re fast approaching $5k now!) I was hosted by the Nerd Nighters on their Back It! Podcast! JR Honeycutt and his buddy Bo’Marr Punk (creator of Pure Steam!) talk with me about how the Kickstarter came together, what awaits folks within Veranthea, and much more!



We’re also doing a 2nd LIVE Q&A!


That’s the most popular of the videos for the Veranthea Codex so far and we’re keen to do another, so submit your questions before the Google Hangout starts on Wednesday September 24th at 9 PM EST!

Detective Geeks and Kickstart Ventures!

ep199verantheacodexDefective Geeks had me on their podcast!

The first recorded podcast for the Veranthea Codex Kickstarter! We talk about the development of the world, the lewd deity of the goblins, Smastrik, Dreksler the drunk god of dwarves and infinite ale, and (maybe) mermaid ninjas with seashell throwing stars!


There’s an article on Kickstart Ventures as well!

kickstart ventures graphic

Serena Nelson wrote a bit about the Veranthea Codex and if you’re keen for a read rather than a listen, check out her article on Kickstart Ventures!